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e Love is necessary because withou y and harmony could not be poss

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True Love is necessary because without it unity and harmony could not be possible1

Where True Love prevails, there is warmth and attraction, harmony and unification2

Deep inside, every human being is looking for Love because we all are created to live eternally in an ever expanding realm of True Love 3

Only on the foundation of True Love can all the manifold difficult tasks be accomplished which need to be achieved

in order to build a peaceful world 4

of living centered on ourselves and entered the vast and literally endless realm of eternal Love True Love permeates our whole being once we have left the narrow-mindedness5

Once we enter the realm of True Love we do not want to keep it for ourselves

but share it freely with others, fulfilling the task of disseminating True Love to our environment6

When we live in the realm of True Love we do not worry about our own position and benefits but we are absolutely focused on passing on the gift of True Love and to guide people to live in this harmonious realm of everlasting peace and happiness7

When someone truly loves another person he does not think about himself but is completely

dedicated to enrich the life of the beloved8

Among the many tasks we are trying to achieve, labouring to secure True Love for our whole life is the most rewarding effort9

Although people speak of becoming holy, noble and so forth,

everything good comes down to the achievement of True Love 10

To be rooted in True Love is the safest foundation we can stand on in order to secure a bright future for ourselves and others11

When you have True Love you will feel yourself living and breathing with the universe moment by moment12

Throughout history people have been searching for True Love

and we live now in the blessed time when this highest value can become a substantial reality for all people13

We may be still on the way, heading for True Love, but we are certain to reach our goal if we stick to the standard of the ideal set by our Loving Creator14

True Love requires living for the sake of others on every level, as brothers and sisters, as husband and wife, as parents and children, in all the relationships we develop15

A true man or woman experience True Love constantly in every cell of their bodies andnever get tired from living in such an uplifted realm of overflowing energy.

Such is the stimulation of True Love16

There is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than walking the road of True Love 17

In True Love, equality between man and woman becomes possible.

Until that time they are separate to a certain extent and different, but in True Love they are truly equal18

The most important lesson to be learned at an early stage of ones life on earth is to become a person of True Love 19

There is no word and no expression for the fullness of True Love. If we become the personification of True Love we are certain to experience this precious realm20

Let us use the language of the True Love culture in our relationships and we will see the world around us change drastically21