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In the spirit of True Love seemingly impossible things

become a tangible reality1

True Love enables us to love even those people and these things

which we may find difficult to relate to2

Through establishing the dominion of True Love this world will be transformed into a unified culture where people care for one another beyond any external borders3

In our communities we need to focus on

reflecting, practicing, the teaching and living standard of True Love4

Even when going through suffering the great value of True Love may be experienced5

The time has come for True Love to be the central realm which dominates the life of all people in the world6

All of our actions must be rooted in and motivated by True Love7

The philosophy of True Love will become the leading thought in peoples efforts to understand the meaning of life 8

True Love enables us to go to deeper levels

of mutual understanding 9

Based on the practice of unconditional Love each and every problem existing in the world can be fully resolved 10

The essential characteristic of True Love is its dedication to the happiness of the beloved

rather than ones own enjoyment11

When we apply True Love we will secure human rights for all people in the correct way, including each persons right to live a happy and fulfilled life12

True Love wants to give without limitations and has always the wellbeing of the object of ones Love as main focus 13

As human being we are destined to embody True Love and become in this way the substance of True Love14

After a man and woman are perfected through the practice of True Love they shall establish a loving family where warm Love is freely shared with one another 15

Living for the sake of others

is the best method and training to become a person of True Love16

Being able to love my even enemies is a fundamental quality of True Love17

Everything we do should ultimately

be for the sake of expanding the realm of True Love18

As we strive to go to deeper realms of Heart we come closer to becoming theembodiment of True Love19

To invest for of the establishment of a True Love culture

is a most worthwhile endeavour20

To walk the way of True Love is the surest path to achieve the deepest fulfilment and greatest happiness in life21