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at is the right formula of True Lo between husband and wife, between parents and children? putting the happiness and wellbeing irst, readily living for the sake o the desire to see their lives fulf

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What is the right formula of True Love between husband and wife, between parents and children?

It is putting the happiness and wellbeing of the other first, readily living for the sake of others with the desire to see their lives fulfilled1

Those who genuinely search for True Love will come to know the taste of True Love and finally enjoy living in a realm

where they are surrounded by True Love2

True Love is what counts and nothing else matters for us once we begin to manifest this priceless realm

in response to our innermost desire embedded in our soul3

When you enter into the realm of True Love you enjoy total freedom4

Only based on embodying True Love can we enjoy true freedom

and bequeath this timeless realm to our descendants 5

The decisive issue is whether or not people are committed to True Love,

ready to invest in order to create and expand the realm which exhibits this highest ideal 6

When you reach True Love, the source of our life, you will surely find

the deepest fulfilment that may be experienced in life7

Our Heavenly Parent longs to see young adults burning with passion and zeal and infinite energy to reach True Love. The ones who find the way or reach out for that True Love will not be disappointed but see their deepest desire fulfilled if they stick to the proper standard8

You cannot have true life without True Love.

Love comes first, and this should be

expressed in all our considerations9

The brightest light bulbs are useless unless there is a powerhouse to generate electricity for them.

The father and mother and children may be ready to shine beautifully, but unless there is a power source giving energy to those electric bulbs, none of them will light up10

Once the power plant supplies energy, they all generate light and warmth. In that environment everything will be melted in the atmosphere of Love11

Only in True Love can you find true value. Within relationships of True Love we must rediscover ourselves12

As long as we are planting True Love in line with the original ideal we will harvest the beautiful fruits of True Love13

What is True Love? It is selfless Love longing for true brothers and sisters, wanting to be united as husband and wife and desiring to be one as parents and children, allowing Love to flow freely14

When a man and woman unite completely in unchanging True Love then they are each other's pride; a wife and husband naturally want to be proud of each other and this is possible on the deepest level

by becoming an expression of True Love for one another15

Nothing can stop the advancement of True Love because all people are bound to live in this precious realm according to the original design or blueprint behind the creation of man and women in order for them to experience deepest fulfilment16

The essence of Christianity lies in the practice of True Love. Now is the time to fulfill this and all the other religious traditions by emphasizing the actual practice of True Love

on all levels without any compromises17

Any person, whether good, bad or in-between, can claim he is acting out of True Love, but how can we recognize True Love? True Love likes and embraces everything, whether in man's world, God's world, or the world of the universe18

Once our ideology or way of thinking is based on True Love we do not regard the people who oppose us as our enemies but welcome them in our deep desire to liberate them from their hatred and to enable them to experience the precious realm of True Love 19

Loving one's enemies is the greatest proclamation of True Love. 20

Let us become those who strive to be united with True Love as our centre and become the volunteers who want to pioneer the realm of unconditional giving21