Love story true love final

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THE LOVE STORY... The real love...

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  • 1. The real love...

2. Ive gotsomething totell youI really love Timo 3. I also love WHAT!!! Timo! 4. FIGHT!! 5. But here comes Timo now with Maria!Mhm... Ive fallen in lovewith you! 6. Youre notgoodenough for me 7. Whathappened to Timo?Why doesnt Maria love me? 8. She isthe only one for meYou will findsomeone better 9. Here comes NicoMaria! Why dont youBecause love Timo?! I loveyou! 10. I loveyou too 11. Imforeveralone.. 12. No one loves me2 Weeks later... 13. WhathappenedNo one lovesto you?!! me so whyshould I care what I look like.... 14. I love you, Ive Wow! I think loved you foryoure amazingages.. I love you too! 15. Timo is so fat, Idont love him anymore! 16. I still love him I dont care what he looks like!But hestoo fat! 17. That must be true love! 18. Love Love