Mothers True love

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A mother sons True love

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2. Hi I am Jenny. I am 48 year oldwoman. My husband is abusiness man. Ive been marredfor 26 years. And we have a sonwho is 22 3. My name is Brain. I am 22years old. I work as softwareengineer. 4. For the past few days Inotice my son staring atme. To be honest I love it.But I wanted to know whatreally happening him whenhe see me. 5. I turned towards to him 6. Brain look at me. Do you know Iam marred for the past 26 yearsand it was to beautiful, and mywedding ring is still new. 7. Brain do you think I am still beautiful? As thewedding ring? 8. Yes mom.. I love your ring. Its still beautifulHo my god!Mom is sobeautiful I saw that Brain is no more a small boy. I know whats happening to him when he saw my ring on that day. I hope I did the right thing as a mother 9. After few day. We had a talk. And we planed for a day out. He want only me and him. Atthat moment I know its time he is a man now. And I should start to respect him as aman of the house. But still he is my son 10. Then our big day came. It was a weekend in a deep forest far from our hometown. I felt young with him. So I dress likea young girl. Me and my handsome son.We had a long walk. And we spoke a lot. Ireally love Brain. I wish all the mothersfeel the same with there sons. But I knewthere is some thing special between us. 11. Then he came close to me. It was a nice feeling to have him so close to me again. Then I felt his hand on me. I knew today going to be special.Mom i love you a lot. I hope youknow how much I been waitingfor this day 12. Darling Brain. I know howmuch you love me. But youknow I am your mother.What if some one gets toknow? Why do you feel thisway? 13. Mom dont worry. I justwant to express myfeeling to you. Do youknow you are the mostbeautiful woman in theworldBut Brain. I amold. 14. You are not old mom. You are sweet and so beautifulBrain you are sosweet. I guess youreally value me. butdear I am not pretty. 15. Mom I wish to show my truelove for you. Brain you are a grown up man now. I believe you do what is right and best. I am so pound of you . I am exited to know how much you love me. 16. Brain you were ababy. I used tofeed you with mybody It time to return what you gave me mom with love 17. Brain carried me like I am his baby. Ican feel his strong hand on my butt.He must be enjoying feeling of mysoft little butt.I am alone with my son in this deepforest. I am too weak to stop what heis enjoying. I hope he will be gentlewith me 18. Brain I am notMom. I know you are old.beautiful. I am But you are still thetoo old. Please woman in my dreams. Idont look at me. been waiting to see you forYou might not a very long time. Pleaselike. mom. Dont feel shy youknow me well. 19. Brain you are the 1st man totaste me. I hope you like meas your mother. I never seen aman being so kind to a womanMom you so beautiful and tasty.I wanted to show you my love inbest way I can. I know you loveme too. Else I wont have nevergot close to you this much 20. Ho my God! I cantbelieve you are a man.You are very much abigger man than yourfather. Is it because ofmy food or are youusing any medicine.You are so exitedalready? You have become so naughty. Iremember the day Ibath you when you ababy.Mom youknowbetter.This isbecauseof yourlove 21. Mom I love youso much. I hopeyou can feel me Brain now i relic thatyour love for me is verytrue. But I am so scared.i am too old and a smallwoman. You are a goodman. I hope you wonttake advantage of yourold mother. Please begentle and never for getthat I am your mother. 22. You dont look like whenyou were 12 years oldwhen I last saw you. Youare grown up a lot.Ho my god! He is toobig. Let me pulldown the for-skin. Homy what a beautifulhead. Its perfect.Round and soft. Willhit hurt? 23. I cant even get my mouth around him. Idont know I can do this. 24. As a mother. I must do whatsbest for him. I dont want him tothink of me as a bad woman. iam doing this to show that I lovehim 25. mother. You are sure a greatest woman .He is ready. I hope every thinghappens for good. I hope what I didwas the correct thing? 26. Brain dont for get I am your mother. Lets not hurryHo mom. Please relax mom tell me if I amhurting you Ok brain. I am ready. You can start 27. mom please relax. I can feel you are tryingto close. It ok mom its me, your son. Brain I am not trying to close. You are feeling it tight because I am small woman. I have feed u too much. You have grown up more than I expected. 28. Brain stop. You are going beyond thelimit. I can feel you so in me even I neverfelt your father there. This is new for me.Ho sorry mom. Dont worry I wont gomore further. Thats all I have. Holdon mom for a while. You will getused to me 29. Brain please dont hate me. I love you somuch. Please kiss me Mom I love you. 30. Ho Brain I wish we did this long timeback. You are my perfect man Yes mom. i am your man. And you are my woman. I waited to love you for so long. Finally i made it. Now I know why my father loves you so much.Brain I never though I would feel sospecial with you. You are so much betterthan your father. I hope this is notcheating because you are my son. Andloving mu son is not wrong 31. I hope I am doing the right thing. Thisfeel so special. I do love my son 32. I hope I am tight enough. I wish heenjoy the best in me 33. Yes Brain. Its ok dont waist your love. Itsok baby. Let it go in me 34. Its the best feeling when me and sonare connected again. Body to body inthe best way as mother and son alsowoman and man 35. I carried him when he was a baby tokeep him happy. But now he is strongman to carry me. And make me happyas a woman and a mother 36. Its so exiting and fun whenwe make love when ourhubby is in the about tocome home after office. Ilet my son enjoy while keepI keep a eye on thewindow 37. He just loves in the kitchen counter 38. Brain my dear son love when Ipose for him like this. 39. I never were a panty whenI go out with him 40. No panties more freedom formy son. He is not old likeme. He is young and hungryfor me. I have to feed mybaby with love 41. After all our adventure. My son willbe always my son.. And I will behis mother for ever