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print or standard for building a unifi all people live and work together in h
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The blueprint or standard for building a unified world where all people live and work together in harmony

is surely True Love1

True Love is our hope, our only hope, in order to realize a loving

and caring world2

Once we realize the immense preciousness of True Love all our senses will awaken to eagerly search for this greatest valueand once we found it we will never let go of this priceless treasure3

True Love can fully awaken all five senses of the body which want to perceive it all without losing any part of it because we are destined to live in the embrace of this indescribably great present from our Loving Creator4

When ourHeavenlyParent looks at humankind, He/She surely does so through the eyes of True Love. Therefore the highest teaching about our Creator puts True Love at the very centre of any form of education 5

The purpose of creation is the consummation of True Love.

That is the essence of the existence of all beings6

As we go through life, every person has to lay his or her own True Love foundation

in order to be able to enjoy the fruits of loving relationships 7

As Gods sons and daughters we naturally want to do anything for the sake of True Love, even suffer joyfully in order to secure and preserve this most precious value8

Once it is established, nothing can conquer True Love, not even death; everything is under its dominion fully obedient to the Principle of True Love9

What exactly is True Love?

When we call anything true, we mean it is consistent; we mean it has been the same from beginning to end.

People seek that genuine quality in everything. We look for what is true within ourselves 10

Everyone must follow the path leading to True Love if they expect to find it 11

True Love does not flow randomly; it is not sporadic, influenced by the ups and downs of emotion.

True Love follows a definite pattern. Three principles guide True Love: purpose, direction and order12

True Love has an unchanging direction and operates to produce specific results,

such as peace,

happiness, and goodness 13

To say that True Love has a certain purpose, direction, and order has several implications.

Our purpose in life becomes the quest for True Love, but no individual can achieve it alone;

each person needs a companion in order to fulfill Love's purpose14

Furthermore, whoever wants to be a part of True Love needs to be heading

in the same direction as True Love and live by its standard without making any false compromises15

If someone just wants to be left alone and not bothered by others, he can never attain True Love even if he seeks it because he is going against the order, purpose and direction of Love16

Self-centred individualistic thoughts and actions

will prevent a person from finding True Love 17

Every being must head in the direction of True Love in order to fulfill its purpose 18

While we are dwelling on earth we need True Love, and after we go to the spirit world we will need it there as well. Do only human beings seek True Love?Animals, vegetables and minerals all seek True Love; they all seek the person who has True Love and welcome the personification of True Love19

All things, the - animal, vegetable ormineral - would like to live harmoniously with the person who has True Love.

They want to cling to and follow whoever embodies True Love 20

Considering all this, what is the greatest treasure here on earth and in the cosmic universe? Your first answer might be True Love, but it is also the man and woman who embody True Love.

They are the most precious beings in the entire cosmic universe21