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n the world f True Love there is no difference in value between arge d mall or high and low

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In the world of True Love there is no difference in value between large and small or high and low1

To be one in True Love is to form a single harmonious entity

with no bad feelings over existing differences2

In True Love, subject and object partners share a common value, common participation and common residence, and there is the right of inheritance between them3

True freedom and equality, true peace and unification, and true ideals and happiness can exist eternally only within the realm of True Love 4

True Love is the fountain from which springs the power and life of all beings in creation 5

The most central and meaningful area where we should invest ourselves wholeheartedly is the realm of developing True Love relationships6

True Love makes unity possible between internal character and external form and between male and female7

Human beings can change their character and recover their spiritual nature through the giving and receiving of True Love8

Our original human nature is directed towards a life according to the precious value of True Love 9

Values such as truth, goodness and beauty

naturally appear in the practice of True Love10

When our mind and body have become one centered on True Love we are individual embodiments of truth, bound to experience happiness and tranquillity, satisfaction and peace11

apart from a loving

relationship of living for the sake of othersTrue peace, unification and happiness

cannot be found 12

Unconditional giving, investing with a loving Heart for the sake of an object partner

are a direct expression of True Love being practiced13

On the path of True Love, parties overcome conflict and division naturally, harmonizing and uniting the environment, bringing about heartfelt unification 14

Every human being is bound to inherit and expand the realm of absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal True Love which is accompanied by true life15

While there are many kinds of understanding of what Love means,

the standard for True Love is unique and unchanging and also absolute16

If we have True Love we do not calculate our investment because we know that the more we give the more Love is multiplied and strengthened17

as it enables us to go beyond any kinds of struggles The power of True Love is invincible18

As mature human being we desire the realization of True Love

rather than putting emphasis on belief or religious ceremony19

moves people to embrace even their enemiesOnly the power of

True Love20

is a world that is peaceful

and unified through True Love The ultimate ideal people are L O N G I N G for21