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n we follow the compass of True L we will definitely reach our goal rsonify True Love in its fullest

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When we follow the compass of True Love we will definitely reach our goal and personify True Love in its fullest extent1

Until a man and a woman of True Love appear, the real heaven remains empty. God is trying to widen His territory and domain of goodness by including everything, enabling all mankind to be raised up enough

to be included in this eternal realm where True Love flows without end2

True Love implanted in a true family represents the universal image of God with four realms of Love blossoming in the relationships

between parents and children, husband and wife, and among the siblings3

The unchanging cornerstone of existence is conscience that is based on True Love,

or True Love that is based on conscience4

Always True Love should be our goal. If we strive to attain perfection of the Love of God

we will see our deepest desires fulfilled5

Just as we need air to breathe and to continue living

we need to attain True Love

in order to experience true life and utmost fulfilment6

For True Love to be stable it must be deep down within you, where no one can take it away.

Naturally it has to be the most holy and sacred content of our being rooted in the depths of our soul7

In order to experience the beauty and power of True Love we first have to go beyond our personal and family level and think about the nation and world8

It wants to continue giving with a deep desire to share Love A Heart filled with True Love gladly invests for others9

True Love is the supreme Love. It is deeply desired, yet rare in the world. Still this reality will change completely once we begin to practice it wholeheartedly10

Most essentially, True Love is grounded in divine Love, in the loving Heart of our Heavenly Parent 11

True Love is at the very core of the Ultimate Reality12

True Love is manifested by those who can rise above self- centered attachments and desires

and live wholeheartedly for the sake of others 13

True Love is totally committed to the welfare of


belovedAs God created for the sake of His/Her creatures,14

True Love never changes but continues eternally to give

from a completely selfless HeartAs God is absolute ,

eternal and unchanging, 15

Like God, as the Parent of all humanity and the Creator of all things,so a person with True Love is impartial and all-embracing16

True Love is displayed to individuals who are deeply united with God

and fulfill Gods purpose for their life 17

True Love is not far off, for everyone has within him- or herself

the potential for investing with a selfless Heart of wanting

to enrich another persons life 18

we call God our Father/ Mother, our Parent Parental Love is close to Gods True Love, and h e n c e


Through True Love God dwells with us, and by loving we resemble our Heavenly ParentLove is innate

in our being. 20

It brings the peace that is at theroot of happiness True Love is the spirit of public service.21