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mong many possible points of vi let us always choose True Love perspective
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Among many possible points of view let us always choose the True Love perspective 1

In order to obtain True Love, which is more valuable than life itself, you must go beyond your own life because the realm of True Love is eternal beyond the period we live in our physical body2

To give up everything for the sake of True Love is the way to gain everything in the end on the level where nobody can take it away from us3

Once we perceive the greatness of pursuing the path of True Love nothing can move us to deviateand to fall into the trap of building self-centered relationships4

To nurture the flow of True Love in any relationship we establish is a fundamental task which needs to be fulfilled in order to protect the realm of True Love 5

When we have True Love, we want to bring Joy to others even if it means working throughout the night. For the sake of your loved ones, your original mind wants you to overcome your limitations of time and energy in order to secure the flow of Love never to be broken but to continue without end6

When your focus is True Love you will naturally develop all the beautiful adjectives and characteristics which are connected with personifying that greatest value7

May we all understand deeply that the purpose of our five senses and all the organs of our body is for imparting True Love to others8

The person who lives totally unselfishly for the sake of others is the one who is living with True Love How can we determine if someone is living with True Love?9

The practice of True Love creates a chain reaction of goodness, expanding and multiplying this uplifting realm of goodness which is bound to never end 10

If we look at ourselves and the world with eyeglasses of True Love,

our life appears beautiful, sacred, and holy and nature around us beautiful11

True Love can overcome anything, so nothing is more important than finding and dwelling in that precious realm 12

When we know a person who is in love with True Love we will yearn to be with that person because we long for True Love deep inside 13

True Love is totally flexible; it fits the needs of every individual perfectly.

None of the billions of people in the world will be dissatisfied with the presence of True Love;

each person will be fulfilled 14

True Love is definitely public Love. To the degree we have learned to live in True Love we will always put the purpose of the whole in the first place15

True Love transcends everything. It goes beyond all visible barriers. Where True Love exists, nothing else matters16

A person can become completely intoxicated in True Love.

No other force has such attraction.

Within True Love our bodies and minds melt together in elation for eternity17

The power of True Love activates all our senses so that our whole being is completely awakened and electrified.

In other words, the human spirit and body truly respond to that precious element which is Love18

If True Love is destroyed, morality is also damaged and in most cases falls into ruins.

Let us therefore protect the invaluable realm of True Love at the risk of our lives 19

in True Love there is no such thing as dwelling only in the present By truly dwelling in eternal Love, your Love has the power to harmonize the past, present and future; 20

Let us do everything with True Love and allow in this way more and more people to taste True Love in their relationship with us21