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ence of True Love is to give ake of others or the sake the whole

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The essence of True Love is to give, to live for the sake of others and for the sake of the whole1

so that more joy and fulfilment isexperienced True Love gives joyfully and always wants to invest more2

who cradles her baby in her arms and nurses it at her breastWe find True Love in the joyful and loving Heart of a mother 3

True Love is sacrificial Love, as with a filial son or daughter who gains great satisfaction in helping his/her parents,

wanting to give back in gratitude for what was received unconditionally4

God created the universe out of an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal Love, investing everything

without any expectation or condition of receiving something in return5

True Love is the root and wellspring of the universe, bound to be present in all existence, most of all and to the deepest extent

in the Heart of men and women as highest creation6

True Love is the root of God and a symbol of His/Her Heart and Desire7

we can be together forever, continually increasing in the joy

of each others companyWhen we are

bound together in True Love, 8

The attraction of True Love brings all things in the universe close to our Heart9

Through practicing True Love we lay the foundation for God, our Heavenly Parent, to dwell with us eternally10

Nothing can compare to the value of True Love because through it the deepest fulfilment in life is found

and experienced in ever growing measures for eternity11

will live with God, share His/Her happiness and enjoy the right to participate as an equal in His/Her work Whoever practices Gods True Love12

A life lived for the sake of others, a life of True Love, is the absolute prerequisite for entering the Kingdom of Heaven, a world of loving relationships which all mankind desires13

When we love with our whole Heart and mind and soul we readily even risk our life in order to protect the beloved14

True Love is Gods Love. In order to experience it to the fullest extent we need to become one with this most precious value15

To live for the sake of others with a totally selfless and unconditional Heart What is the path to True Love?16

an unchanging Heart that is eternally centered on this highest value in the universeTo become the owner of True Love, we must possess God and His/Her attribute of eternity, 17

we should naturally be eternal, what represents our fundamental reality as beings whose existence will never end True Love has the quality of eternity. Therefore, to meet the condition of experiencing True Love,18

whose Heart will never be compromised to practice anything less than this precious standard On our path to True Love it is obligatory that we become

unchanging people19

our path will lead us to True Love, to Love that is all in allWhen we have that kind of eternal Heart for Heaven,20

Nothing is more precious than this timeless realm where deepest

fulfilment is found What is the holiest thing in the world? It is True Love.21