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We know what makes you happy after your presentation! A look into a startup company's everyday life, culture and core values.

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  • At SOPRESO, Our Mission is to enable a radically better and more efficient presentation experience to everybody who is involved. Through our easy to use, interactive communication platform, our software helps presenters be more successful.
  • We are a startup, located in the heart of Budapest. Having recently grown to a team of 12, were working hard to make the world of presentations a more engaging and exciting place.
  • At SOPRESO, our young, lively around a few key principles.
  • 1. Our work continually challenges and rewards our employees with new skills, experiences, and ideas that help create the best product possible.
  • Getting a startup to take off involves making a lot important decisions every day. SOPRESO believes in challenging every idea and following through with data-driven decision making. When the opinions differ,just look at the data. 2
  • 3. As a startup, our timelines are constantly crunched and direction is constantly changing. As a team we embrace contributing however possible to any team members tasks, and regularly communicating with teammates across all functions. This also means embracing a fun, lighthearted atmosphere with enthusiasm and optimism.
  • A Hungarian phrase for Just make it great this simple principle pushes our team to strive for excellence in everything we do. 4
  • Just as Bruce Lee changed the world of martial arts, we want to change the world of presentations. Bruce Lees focus, stamina, and commitmentserve as a model for how we want to approach our work day to day. BRUCE LEE 5 little dragon
  • Learn more about and our work to improve the presentation experience at click here to !