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Hi there. Have we met?

Hi there.Have we met?We are

We help create vibrant organizations by engaging stakeholders, co-creating healthy workplace cultures, and inspiring great leadership.

Our values:Develop trusting relationships based on respect.Celebrate differences and encourage divergent thinking.3. Continue to learn and challenge the status quo.4. Be vulnerable and compassionate.5. Let go of ego and judgment.6.Catalyze positive change.7. Have fun and understand your impact on everything.

Here is what our values mean to us

Develop trusting relationships based on respect. We work with and build trusting relationships with people who treat us respectfully. We build trust by aligning our words with our actions.

Celebrate differences and encourage divergent thinking We believe what makes us different makes us stronger. We encourage our clients and partners to think and act differently. We challenge ourselves to do the same.

Continue to learnand challenge the status quo Learning is key to what we do so we schedule time to read, reflect and expose ourselves to new experiences, ideas and research in related and unrelated fields. Our strength is challenging the status quo its who we are.

Be vulnerable and compassionate To build strong and trusting relationships we need to be authentic and vulnerable. Compassion is our ability to understand peoples needs, to feel empathy, and it motivates our desire to help.

Let go of ego and judgment We take ego and judgment out of our interactions and create from a place of compassion and abundance. We believe everyone is going through something. So, we try not to judge.

Catalyze positive change We believe we have responsibility to create positive change in the world its our purpose. We know for things to change the change begins within ourselves.

Have fun and understand your impact on everything We believe fun is what brings joy to life we remind ourselves to have more fun. Our thoughts, words and actions make an impact we live in an interconnected world where no action or inaction goes unaccounted.

Some of our values areaspirational. Its what were moving towards and what wewant to create.Were not perfect...

Our goal is to catch ourselves, keep ourselvesaccountable and be the change we want to see in the world.

Our beliefs shape our work.

Our core beliefs:Happy engaged employees means happier customers. Happy customers means greater customer loyalty. Greater customer loyalty means increased organizational success. Workplace culture impacts employee happiness. Culture is shaped by beliefs, language, values and behaviors and can be consciously created. To ensure a healthy and vibrant workplace your systems, practices and processes must align with your desired culture.


Our culture is defined by our values, beliefs and behaviors.

Our Culture Code

Our Code is:1. We challenge the status quo its who we are.2. We celebrate differences and encourage creativity.3. We are committed to continuous learning.4. We are vulnerable and compassionate.Catalyzing positive change is what we do.If we arent making peoples lives better, we need to change what we are doing.

We embed our Code into everything we do, and we can help you create your Code too.

Want to consciously createa healthy and vibrant workplace culture? Wed love to hear from you.