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Great organizations use culture to drive success. Join companies like Netflix, Spotify, InterContinental Hotels Group and more, and share what makes your workplace stand out. View all #CultureCode decks, and download our #CultureCode template here:

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  • 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. #CultureCode Whats Yours?
  • What defines your company culture?
  • What makes your team great?
  • How do you create a winning workplace?
  • In 2009 Netflix CEO Reed Hastings shared the seven aspects of Netflix company culture: Click to view! The most important document ever to come out of Silicon Valley Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg
  • Its given companies the courage and permission to not accept that business culture is a given, but something to create. former Netflix Chief Talent Officer Patty McCord, who helped create Netflixs Culture Code deck
  • So, how do you create your culture?
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  • Defining a culture provides us a unifying feeling of belonging. Shivam Dhawan, founder of Arbunize Click to view!
  • Your organization needs to reflect your culture, not the other way around. Kevin Goldsmith, director of engineering at Spotify Click to view!
  • It gives us focus and helps us work better together. Paula Clapon, marketing officer at HppyApps Click to view!
  • Our culture is our secret sauce. -HashtagNYU Click to view!
  • When you get the culture right, all things are possible. Joe Waechter, CEO of WineDirect Click to view!
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