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Ideapreneurship ™ is HCL’s unique culture code of grass-roots, business-driven, customer-focused innovation, in which every employee has a license to ideate. This environment is shaped by HCL’s ‘Employees First’ values -- Trust, Transparency and Flexibility; and Value Centricity-- which collectively empowers and encourages individual employees at all levels of the organization to come up with innovative solutions to operational and customer business challenges. These inspired employees think of new ideas and take them to fruition.

Transcript of HCL Technologies #CultureCode - #Ideapreneurship

  • 1.THE ideapIeneurship #CULTURE coDEI . s. /4EVERY 1 IS AN IDEAideapreneuIs1'1ipEVERY i ISAN IDEA

2. WE BELIEVE: BY ENGAGING,ENABLING AND EMPOWERING OUR EMPLOYEES AND GIVING THEM THE LICENCE TO IDEATE,THEY CAN FIND IMBALANCES THAT CAN BE TURNED INTO OPPORTUNITIES.BY PROVIDING AN ENVIRONMENT OF TRUST,TRANSPARENCY AND FLEXIBILITY,THEY TRANSFORM INTO CUSTOMER-CENTRIC VALUE GENERATORS. 9EEIIDIJJ IIIIIJIII IIIIDIII IJJIIIEII IIICDED IIIIIIED IIIIDIII"EVERY i ISAN IDEA 3. OUR VISION: IDEAPRENEURSHIP RECOGNIZES THE UNTAPPED POTENTIAL VALUE OF EACH EMPLOYEE, IRRESPECTIVE OF DESIGNATION,LOCATION OR SENIORITY,AND ENCOURAGES THEM TO PARTICIPATE IN EVERYDAY INNOVATION.IT SIMULTANEOUSLY ALLOWS HCL TO EMPOWERITS EMPLOYEES AND GIVE ITS CUSTOMERS ACCESS TO A HUGE POOL OF INNOVATIONS. 9"EVERY i ISAN IDEA 4. EVERY ISAN IDEA HCL 5. }i is!._ E 5: We all lead extremely social | ives. ..we meet friends,usesocial networks to interact,5 befriend new acquaintances c/ " ~ "5 and catch up with past =colleagues.Ideas can come F" - . anywhere. ..in the middle of' Q7 .' .any conversation.All you X ,_~ l 1,need to do is to lay out the ideapreneurs net in order .to catch your next big idea!3 3AMARJEET SINGH 6. F_ % 'Px hi:I r ( E E F5 ' HCL gives us a brilliantit.'2 platform to work for our clients and sometimes all it takes is to k read between the lines and spot ,opportunities. ..thats being .' an ideapreneur. AMIT PAWAR 7. ._V : , . A. .V ..I 1, , aw' . _ = _.gf J 5 E Yes. ..HCL can consult its.s 1 clients in how to do their K. business.And we can do i it better than traditional>V consulting firms.I believe __in our ability to adapt and innovate.I am an Ideapreneuri 5 5JATIN ARORA 8. OUR CORE VALUESTRUST _ TRANSPARENCY , AND FLEXIBILITY ,7f EMPLOYEES ' HRST I-': l_ 9. WHAT WE LIVE BY: EMPLOYEE-LED GRASSROOT INNOVATIONWith an atmosphere that fosters intrapreneurship,Ideapreneurs are constantly engaged in generating and evolving ideas,which are harvested using our various idea-oriented platforms and practicessuch as Value Portal,Lead Gen and MAD JAM.[DL'lJl'D IIIEDED IIIEDUJ [DEDUJ CDIIHII [DEDLD DJEDED ideap1eneurshipEVERY I ISAN IDEA 10. WHAT WE DO: VALUE-DRIVEN INNOVATIONIt is through our pillars of trust,transparency and flexibility andthe gallant efforts of our ideapreneurs that we add business value to clients and take our shared relationship beyond the contract."EVERY i ISAN IDEA 11. WHO WE ARE: xEVERY 1 IS AN IDEAQOOO IDEASIMPLEMENTED $580 MILLION VALUE IMPACTED | DEA5GENEPATED EVERY i ISAN IDEA HCL 12. Relationship Beyond trw Contract W/ ad ' '"FlLMBEYOND THE CONTRACT EVERY Is AN IDEA HCL 13. ; IDEAPRENEURS r TAKETHE. .: 3 a;T :1 :(cg .m , '. ?~.,' K/ I ,. ./ ,.3 BEYOND THE CONTRACT .1:.,1 ,