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    Jay was created to show the importance of people and collaboration in our work place.

  • CORE VALUES1. Why Before WhatWe want to understand why we are doing something, or why an event is happening, before we begin to decide what we are going to do or how we are going to design it.

  • CORE VALUES2. Stretch YourselfWe want our colleagues to learn something every day. We believe one of the best ways to accomplish this is by getting out of your comfort zone a little bit each day.

  • CORE VALUES3. Keep LearningThere are lessons to be learned everywhere. From stretching yourself to learning from a mistake, we want to learn from it all.

  • CORE VALUES4. Everyones Voice MattersWe Collaborate. We Connect. We Communicate.

  • CORE VALUES5. Get Your Hands DirtyDo the work. We make it happen using whatever method is necessary.

  • CORE VALUES6. Solve Problems FirstWe dont get bogged down in finger pointing. We just figure out how to make it happen.

  • CORE VALUES7. Partner, Dont Sell.We strive to become partners. We focus on Team Integration, Collaboration, and our Clients Vision.

  • CORE VALUES8. No B.S.We are honest with each other, our clients, and our partners.

  • CORE VALUES9. Protect The Clients BrandIt is in our core make up to assure that our clients look good.

  • CORE VALUES10. Watch Each Others BackWe help each other. We help others. We jump in and move things forward together.


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  • WHO IS J STREET PRODUCTIONS?Who we areJ Street Productions is creating an organization in which good people thrive and are able to do their best work. We take a team-based approach that includes a seamless integration between our colleagues and our clients.

    For our colleagues, this means collaborating with people who want to move the needle in the world by creating a culture that rewards resiliency in the face of challenges, supports independent decision-making, and provides opportunity for personal development.

    For our clients, this means having a team of highly-skilled professionals who are committed to solving their problems, protecting their brand, and making their life easier.

    In short, we surround ourselves with really cool people and create an environment where they can be their best selves.

    What we do We are specialists in Event Management and Design, Event Technology, and Challenging Situations.

    Everything that we do centers around trying to solve our clients problems, protect our clients brand, and make our clients lives easier. We strive to become partners. We focus on Team Integration, Collaboration, and our Clients Vision.

    We approach each project with respect, a good work ethic, a service mind set, a high level of proficiency in what we do, and accountability. We believe this environment helps to set everyone from clients to colleagues up for success.

    This is where we start when we help clients.

    Why we do itWe want to create an environment in which the human spirit is never overshadowed by the technical elements, and where creative collaboration intersects with a commitment to help our clients and our colleagues flourish.


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