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Growing the RIGHT audience for your business without spending too much budget! Facebook Business Page Top Tip

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Growing the RIGHT audience for your business without spending too much budget!Facebook Business Page Top Tip

I call this the 2 for 1 trick.

Its a time-saver, a budget-saver, and a sanity-saver too.

When you are growing your Facebook page audience, you want more numbers.

But you also want those people to one day become your customers too.

So how do you get the RIGHT people to like your business page?

With two awesome tools:

High value, relevant content+Targeted Facebook boosted posts

Step 1:

Produce some high quality blog content for your ideal audience.

This needs to be relevant to your ideal customer, have a crystal clear title and an eye-catching image.

Step 2:

Sign in to your Facebook Ads Manager, and build (and save) yourself a Custom Audience using all the demographics of your ideal and/or typical customer.

This is how we get in front of the RIGHT people!

Step 3:

Post your blog link to Facebook.

Make sure the blog image and description pulls through, and make the post sound interesting in your Facebook post.

For example

Step 4:

Boost your post to the Customer Audience you made earlier.

Now sit back for a day or so while new people youve never reached before start to identify themselves as your potential new audience by liking your post.

Step 5:

Invite the new likers of your post to like your page too (see next slide for how).

This means they will see more of your content in the future, so you can work your charm and get them onto your mailing list, and one day make them customers too!

Under the post on your page, click the blue link to who liked your post

If they havent already liked you, click here to send an inbox invitationand this part is FOR FREE!

I call this the 2 for 1 trick because you pay once to boost your post, but you get potentially two actions for the price of each click.

And boosting a post doesnt take much budget at all.

Why not start with 10-20 and see how far it can take you?

Go forth and grow your fan base!

Dont forget to keep posting great content, keep your followers happy they are your future customers!

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This lesson came from my Top 3 Online Visibility Tips webinar.

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See you soon!