Survey Monkey and Facebook Audience Feedback

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Transcript of Survey Monkey and Facebook Audience Feedback

  • 1. Here are the responses from the my audience feedback survey that I created on survey monkey and then posted on the socialnetworking site Facebook alongside my musicvideo for the viewer to watch.Unfortunately I did not receive as many responses as I hadanticipated however I am pleased with the results that I didget as I understand that people might not be willing to spendtheir time filling out a survey if there isnt a reward in it forthem so I am grateful that 5 people did take the time towatch my music video and fill out the questionnaire.

2. I have presented the results of this question in a bar graph to clearly show whatratings my target audience gave.12345I was happily surprised to see that every member of my target audience whocompleted this survey agreed that the visuals strongly match the genre of music.Nobody chose under 4 which shows that my video was a success in that uses genrecharacteristics efficiently. 3. I was very pleased about the feedback that I got from my audience about the variety ofshot types and angles that I used as I carefully planned these out to sustain interestthroughout my video and it clearly did engage my audience. I was also very pleasedthat a someone picked up upon the handheld shot that I did to make it look as if theactor was looking at his feet as I wanted to give the video a personal feel to it. 4. Once again the feedback reflecting on the choice of locations was very positive. Itseems like my audience has interpreted the locations in the way I wanted to as theyhave pointed out that the locations were chilled pretty and romantic which is what Iwanted to signify using these locations. I was also very pleased that a viewerunderstood that the scene where my actor is standing in the empty car par reflects theartists feelings. 5. Two peoples favourite part of the music video was the stop motion animation which Idid expect as I thought that it is something different that will set my music video apartfrom others and will stand out and be memorable to the audience. It was interesting tosee that one of the viewer liked the most out of the video the overall feel that they gotfrom watching it and that it suited the slow calm music. Someone also commented onthe puddle shot with the reflection of sky which I carefully constructed as there was arepeated focus on the sky throughout all three of my products. 6. My response to feedback I agree with the majority of answers that I received from my target audience in response to the question what improvements would you suggest for this music video however unfortunately I was unable to do some of these despite wanting too. The only way the videocould be longer would be if I used a different song as my footage covered the whole length ofthe song. If I were to do this task again I would use a better quality camera as I felt that the graininess did reduce the overall quality of my video however at the time of filming I did nothave access to any other video cameras. I am actually pleased that I received what may seem as negative comment that what the video was based on wasnt clear because my musicvideo is a mix between concept and performance based so it is not meant to make completesense but the viewer can still understand that it is about a relationship because of the photosof the couples. I would use lip syncing aswell as the guitar but for my actor it was too complexto do both during filming so i would consider doing seperate clips of him playing the guitar and then singing. I did actually film more night shots however the camera quality in the dark was too poor to use much of this footage in my final music video. 7. Here is a screen shot of how Iposted my music video andsurvey onto the socialnetworking site Facebook.Below the post I received a fewadditional comments fromfriends on facebook. Thesewere also all very positive andit was nice to see that mymusic video had been so wellreceived by my targetaudience. 8. Overall I was extremely pleased that the comments that I recieved from myonline survey were so positive and the improvements to make were quitereasonable and ones that I would make if I were to do this task.The main points that I learnt from this audience feedback are that: the locations that I chose were very suitable for the song choice and genre ofmusic and were also very popular amongst my audience.Using different camera angles makes a simple shot interesting. the use of different video techniques adds interest to the music video andkeeps the audience engaged (stop motion animation, time lapse of clouds.) the performance element of my music video would be more convincing if Iused lip syncing as well as my actor playing the guitar.