Finding the Right Audience in Facebook

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Finding the Right Audience in Facebook. Or. Is Facebook worth it?. With 180,000,000 users, the U.S. ranks #1 in all countries. That is just over 70% of the Online population. In short………. Ads Are Good But……. The demographics only allow you so many options…. Specific area Age groups - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Finding the Right Audience in Facebook

Finding the Right Audience in Facebook.

Finding the Right Audience in Facebook


Is Facebook worth it?With 180,000,000 users, the U.S. ranks #1 in all countries.That is just over 70% of the Online population.In short..

Ads Are Good But.The demographics only allow you so many options.Specific areaAge groupsCompany(If they have it in their profile)But how do you know if you are being seen by the specific target you are looking for?

Do you want to spend your money on a pair of 80s jeans??????

Introducing!!!!!Facebook Custom AudienceHeres what you will need: 1. Google Chrome 2. Facebook Fan Page 3. Database on a CSV file 4. Copy of this Power PointLets jump right in.

Step 1:You MUST be using Google Chrome Select the Ads Manager from your home screen.

Step 2:Select Power Editor from the left side bar.

Side Bar:If you have never done an ad before, you do not have anything to manage. You will be taken to the ad builder page if you click ads manager.

Side Bar:If thats you, type in the URL bar the

Step 3Add your accounts to the Power Editor application. This will take a few minutes.

Step 4You now have access to the Power Editor dashboard. You will be offered a full tour of the tool, or you can come back to the tour from the Options menu.

Step 4In the dashboard select Audiences (its ok to accept the terms).

Step 5Drop down Create Audience. Select Custom Audience

Step 5In the pop up box, name your upload (so you can upload multiple lists)Choose the file you want to upload (Must Be CSV or TXT)Make sure you select Emails from the options. Then click Create. Step 5

Side Bar:You have selected emails to look for. If you have other information on your list, such as names, phone numbers, states, zip codes.. Power Editor sees those as errors. Simply click yes when the scary red errors appear. Side Bar:

Step 5Once the upload finishes reading the emails it finds click close.

Step 5Power Editor will automatically de-duplicate your list for matches. The tool will only upload emails it finds on Facebook. You may see a different number uploaded than the list size. It takes about an hour for your list to be available. Step 5Click check updates to see if your list is ready. Once your list is uploaded, you can leave the Power Editor.

Step 6Create your AdSelect Ad Manager

Step 6Select Create Ad

Step 6Select the page you are creating your ad for If you dont see the page, type the name of it in the search bar

Step 6Design your AdSelect See Advanced OptionsMake sure the text and Image grab the viewers attention. Choose whether or not to allow friends of your target to see Sponsored StoriesChoose Advanced Options

Ad Example

Step 6

Step 7Choose your audienceDefault is all users in the U.S.Thats the 180 MILLION users I mentioned at the beginning.

Step 7Scroll down to just under the Age and Gender CategoriesYou will see a drop down menu Add More DemographicsSelect any option

Step 7Under the now visible Broad Categories' section you will see your Custom Audiences

Step 7

Step 7Additional demographics will still affect the audience.

Step 7Set your campaign schedule and pricing

Step 8Review Your AdPlace Order

Step 9Your ad is under reviewOnce approved it is active, targeting exactly who you want to target.

So STOP Going after these folks

When who you want is

Copy of Powerpoint:Just contact the Loan Professional who invited you.

Ask Questions:Join the Private