Props, costume and make-up

Props, costumes & make-up “Isabella ” trailer

Transcript of Props, costume and make-up

Props, costumes & make-up

“Isabella” trailer

PropsThese are the props we used as they are significant in our trailer and as they conform to the chosen genre we have picked (supernatural horror).

Necklace with crosses and skulls. This signifies the two opposites of witchcraft as witchcraft goes against religion and skull signifies death.Worn by Isabella.

Fake blood was used to show some of the victims being injured and a “bloody” message left on a wall to scary the victims of Isabella.

This is a ordinary book we covered with black paper to show Isabella’s witchcraft book and to store her victim’s photos.

We used 8 candles for Isabella’s witchcraft scenes in her bedroom. This is significant as the use of candles is what conforms to the supernatural genre.We used matches to light the candles.

Props continued...

A folder and exercise book that belongs to Isabella that is knocked off by her bullies in the hallway, this shows one of the ways she was bullied in her school.

Scrunched up papers which Isabella’s peers used to throw at her during lessons and this is another way we showed bullying in our trailer.

We used two knives in our trailer one real (left) and one fake (right). The left was used in Isabella’s room whereas the fake one was used outdoors at a graveyard.

These are the photos of the main victims who Isabella will be taking her revenge from as they are the people who bullied her the most.Jonathan (Jon), Freddy (Fabian), Bethan (Jessica) and Jordache (Mr. Nawesi).

CostumesThese are the costumes we used for our trailer so that it conformed to the mise-en-scene of where our trailer is being taken.

Isabella’s costume for her nerdy look was, blazer, jumper, trousers and coloured shirts. But her transformation she became a bit of a rebel. She wore White shirt, black skater skirt, heels and a leather jacket. Reason for different attires was to show how she has changed, old to new.

Costumes continued...

Some of the bullies (boys) wore their uniform but some were rebels so they wore hoodies with their uniform, hats and their typical outdoor attires. (Photo on the left is Fabian’s attire)

Make-upFor our main character we made sure she had two different looks one for her nerdy persona and the other for when she started to do witchcraft which made her more

Photo on the far left is before Isabella wore make for her transformation. Photo next to it is Isabella’s transformation to show her new self. Make-up included, black liquid eyeliner, foundation, bronzer, eyebrow powder and lip lacquer.

We used the tube of fake blood to make Bethan look like she was injured by Isabella. Reason for this is to show Isabella’s revenge for exposing her. We made sure that we applied a reasonable amount of fake blood on her to make it look realistic.