Costume, props and make up research

Costume Props & Make-up Research

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Page 1: Costume, props and make up research

Costume Props & Make-up


Page 2: Costume, props and make up research

Costume 1 - Slasher• This is the Costume of the slasher, we believe an all black, dark costume,

covered my dark accessories would suit perfectly. Seeking inspiration from 'Jason' of Friday 13th, how he is all covered and you cannot see any skin. As we have a younger killer, we would have to use costumes like an inexperienced killer would have or a teenager would have already such as a balaclava as a face cover, dark black gloves to cover his hands, and a dark tracksuit or overalls. We have already obtained/have most of the costume already at a very low or no cost.

Page 3: Costume, props and make up research

Costume 2 - Victim• The victims costume, casual dress clothes which you would wear in general.

As they are teenagers they would wear fashionable up to date clothes such as popular trainers, nice jeans with a t-shirt, or a hoody/jacket etc. or a pair of tracksuit bottoms. It suits the victim nicely as they are innocent and go about their normal lives without knowing what will happen to them (No preparation). As we are all teenagers we would already have suitable clothing and shoes.

Page 4: Costume, props and make up research

Props - Slasher• For the slasher: Weapon, Duct tape, Chair, cable ties and a computer. A

weapon most suitably a knife as a teenager could easily find this in a household (Kitchen knife), Tape to tape the victims mouth whilst cable ties to hold arms down and the chair to tie them on. These are all at a very low cost and can be bought cheaply. We also have some of these items so there's no cost involved.

Page 5: Costume, props and make up research

Props - Victim• The props used by the victim would be their mobile

phones which all of us have and will be able to use, no cost as we all have one.

Page 6: Costume, props and make up research

Make-up• Using a blood workshop we made and tested different types of blood to use in our

OTS. We would have to pick which one to use out of ‘Washing up liquid’, ‘Ketchup’, ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Icing sugar’. No cost as these are household items and can be picked up at a very small price if needed. We believe asking up liquid blood is the best as it is less viscous and easily sprayed. This is a very big part of the OTS falling under the slasher subgenre.

• A concealer could be used to sharpen our characters and make them look more defined on camera (Maybe). No cost as we can borrow these from family members if necessary. There is a no or very little need for make-up in general.