Props , equipment & costume

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Props , Equipment & Costume

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Page 1: Props , equipment & costume

Props , Equipment & Costume

Page 2: Props , equipment & costume

The Band

Page 3: Props , equipment & costume

For the band’s costume myself and my group have chosen quite contemporary, young fashionable outfits. Converses, Leather Jackets, Checked Shirts and Skinny Jeans are typical clothing items associated with current Pop artists. We have therefore decided that the band in our video wear similar styled clothes.

Band members will be playing drum kits and electric guitars as these types of instruments are conventional in Pop videos and are associated with Pop music.

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Anita ( Girlfriend/Popular Girl)

Page 5: Props , equipment & costume

For the park and school scenes in the video Anita will be wearing casual contemporary fashionable clothes such as skinny jeans, pumps and a hoodie. As a group we decided to give her a casual look as it looks realistic and natural.

For the party scene Anita will be wearing a party dress with high heels and modern jewellery e.g. bracelets, earrings and necklaces. We decided to make her look ‘blinged out’. This is so she stands out as the ‘popular girl’ in the party . We also want Anita to portray a vain and materialistic character hence the reason we are dressing her he a ‘showy off way’.

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Derrick (Anita’s boyfriend/ Popular Boy)

Page 7: Props , equipment & costume

We wanted Derrick to portray a ‘jock’ type of character therefore we chose quite sporty ‘cool’ clothes such as a baseball jacket, chino’s, Nike HiTops and a baseball cap. As he is the ‘popular boy’ in the video we wanted him to showoff his fashion sense and his athletic streak. The fact that he is well dressed also connotes that he is well liked and popular.

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Najim the geek

Page 9: Props , equipment & costume

We want Najim to portray a ‘nerd/geek’ image. For this reason we want him to stereotypically dress in short corduroy trousers, oversized glasses and a checkered shirt.

For the party scene we want Najim to dress as a clown in order to represent a typical ‘class clown’. We want the audience to associate Najim with being a unserious ‘joke’.

Page 10: Props , equipment & costume

We will be using a video camera to record the music video footages.

Page 11: Props , equipment & costume

We will be using a tripod to put the camera on to film. This will keep the camera steady when were filming so that the end product will look sleek and proffesional.

Page 12: Props , equipment & costume

We will be using video editing programmes to edit our film footage and add various effects to put our music video together.