Props & costume

Props & Costume

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Props & Costume

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Our first and only prop was a clock. Luckily, this was simple to obtain as luckily the house we decided to shoot in already had one. The clock establishes the time of the set. 12:03 in the night. The time from the clock contrasts with our film name “A Birth of a N ightmare” .

The clock also allows the audience to establish the time of the day in our film. In this case as in most horror films, will begin at night.

The clock will be introduced in the film as an eye line match from the main character Ryan. It will be revealed at the beginning of the film.

We decided to only use one prop in our film as this creates an empty atmosphere, meaning that the main character is all alone.

Prop - Clock

Page 3: Props & costume

We selected clothing that defined our characters intentions. We chose dark blue jeans and a white top. The white top symbolises Ryan’s good intentions, and the dark blue jeans symbolises Ryan’s dark intentions. The two clash together which forms our characters personality. We wanted our character to have a casual look too, we believe that we achieved this through clothing and are happy with the outcome.

We chose this white top in particular due to its style. I t had a circle image which represents the location of the heart. This also contrasts with the intentions of Ryan, as the plot of the story will come down to his weakness being his heart. This could also lead to possible thoughts such as violence, love or fate to occur within our movie.