Props and costume

Props and costume Layla Keegan

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Props and costumeLayla Keegan

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ClothingClothing is a big part of my photo-shoot, it strongly reinforces the genre of my magazine and the type of person my model is and tells the audience that this magazine is aimed a niche audience. Because my music magazine is aimed at the indie/rock genre is highly important that my model is wearing the correct clothing that represent this genre the best such as; dark clothing, funky, and unique items that stand out within a crowd. My model is wearing tartan dark red and black coat with a fur trimming. A back jumpsuit and heeled black leather chunky boots. I decided this would a good final outfit because tartan and dark colours are always related to rock music. I had another outfit planned but in the end I only used one. This would have been my model wearing back skinny jeans, converse and a checked shirt. This would have also been a perfect outfit for my style magazine as it’s a scruffy rock chick look. Wearing mainly dark colours. Converse shoes are popular for ‘indie kids’ and a lot of rock artists wear them there selves.

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PropsI didn’t intend of using any props but I ended up using a shopping trolley that I found in a derelict building in Camden. I thought it would be a different type of prop to use that couldn’t emphasise the model/artists personality throughout the image. She was wild, young, bubbly and confident and this needed to be shown. I felted like it wasn’t needed to have props such as a guitar/microphone included in my photo-shoot because my target audience will be intelligent and already know that this is a music magazine due to the sell lines and layout of the magazine. I only needed one prop; my images where so bold and powerful with the bright background and patterned clothing it would have been to much going on if I had loads of props. I decided to accessorise Charlottes outfit and have a detailed funky background instead.

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Accessories are a very important feature to my photo shoot they help me display how my model/artist expresses herself and what genre of magazine this is. I decided to go with chunky, bold and oversized necklaces because it represents rock music well. Rock is loud bold and stand outs from the other genres. I want my model to stand out from the crowd just like how rock would at a festival. I went with the gold necklace in the end with the giant blue stone in the middle. I thought this was a good decision because it was something a little different and strange I liked the contrast of the silver, gold and blue together it also gave the feeling of wealth as it has a few diamonds and could be very expensive. I was going to get my model to wear a black beanie; a lot of people in the indie genre often wear beanies however in the end I came to the decision that Charlotte looked better with the beanie and that it would’ve looked better on a male model.