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Costume & Props By Joseph Brown

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Costume & Props

By Joseph Brown

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Props The main prop in this was the blade, due to the killer being a teenager, a household blade like a kitchen knife was most suitable for our killer. This is used in every draft. Equipment was already supplied. Phones are fundamental to

our OTS as it provides a modern style of slasher, it reinforces the normality of our victims but provides the key to murder in our drafts. All of our group members already had phones to use.

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Prop Examples

Draft 1

Draft 2

Draft 3 & 4

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Costumes - SlasherThis is the slasher, the dark costume was inspired by slasher films like ‘Halloween’, but with a modern twist. The killer is a teenager so wearing a tracksuit which is all black, is our take on modern but inspired slasher.

*The slashers costume was perfect and didn’t change throughout the drafts.

Draft 1Draft 2

Draft 3 & 4

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Costumes – Victims (Draft 1)

The victims excrete innocence so in that way are wearing normal casual clothes which they will meet their friends in, it reinforces the normality of the victims.

*Replacement character whilst one of the group was away on a school trip (he was also our costume designer).

*Character was subsequently taken away as our OTS was very long and it was not worth having him in.

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Costumes – Draft 2The return of our costume designer in draft 2, who replaced the temporary actor also saw him wearing casual clothing.

From class and teacher feedback we realised we need to film the majority of the OTS again, this resulted in another change of costumes due to miscommunication and one the actors not wanting blood on particular clothing.

First actor had another set of casual clothing which he wore for draft 2. as its casual clothing it can be altered and it would not affect the OTS as its still represents every day clothing and the innocence of the victim.

Draft 2

*Slasher stayed the same

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Costumes – Victim (Draft 3 & 4)Due to some more class and

teacher feedback another change of costumes were needed as some people thought the characters looked very similar and could not distinguish between them, this resulted in re-filming of the OTS again.

The change to blue jeans gives a complete contrast to the dark clothing worn before which really helps to distinguish between characters.

A change of top for the first actor enables us to apply more blood and make it look more realistic as he didn't mind blood on it.

Now you can easily tell the difference in character from one small change.