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Costumes & Props

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The Boss, Body-Guards and Hit-Man

Within the film there is a scene where a hit-man is meeting with a client and two body-guards. Because they are supposed to be a large criminal organisation, they will be wearing suits to illustrate their superiority and wealth. They also may be wearing sun-glasses so we have decided to try both out on the actual shoot hopefully.

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The Target

The target is supposed to look like an average person going about their normal life so they are just going to be wearing usual casual clothes. We do not have the exact items of clothing decided on yet, but they will be similar to this type of outfit.

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Mysterious Masked Man

The main plot twist within our opening is that the assassin will have someone sneaking up behind him with a gun. We wanted to make this character look menacing as well as hiding his identity to add a little more mystery to the plot.

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These are the two types of guns that the characters will be carrying. The sniper rifle will be carried by the hit-man as it is a trade-mark weapon of this type of character and the pistol will be carried by the masked-man.

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Brief-caseThe plot for the film involves a brief-case being handed over from the men in suits to the assassin. The brief case holds information in a folder on the target that they want the hit-man to assassinate.

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Folder With a Stack of Papers

Within the film that we are making, within the brief-case is a folder or ring-binder. Inside the ring-binder is a stack of papers that explains the assassin’s mission and any extra details he needs to know. This could possibly be linked to another convention as it suggests the idea of stalking, since the folder contains photos of the target, this also links to systems of watching.