Costume%2c hair%2c make up and props (1)

Costume, Hair, make up and Props SOFIA HOWARTH

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Costume, Hair, make up and PropsSOFIA HOWARTH

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As my magazine is a regional lifestyle magazine I feel my images should have a scenic or themed image. For example even a background affection of a well known and respected monument etc. However I want all features to be relevant to my genre of magazine therefore I will have to think about my locations carefully and hopefully be able to incorporate the regional into them. I plan to use a strong many of different images, some on scene, some using natural lighting and some from a direct angle etc. I think my model will need to change on three occasions throughout the day of shooting and I want 3 aspects to be captured in the magazine. 1. Realism 2. Fiction and 3. Sophistication which are the three perspective I believe are essential when creating images for a lifestyle. As you need to provide the model with some reality within the industry so that they feel that look or outfit is achievable(1). Then you need to give the audience some inspiration which may be harder for them to get a hold off.(2) Finally a class approach to enforce the professionalism of the magazine company.(3)

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Costume Inspirations

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Expanding on what I previously said as my lifestyle magazine is regional I would like the majority of mise en scene and background features etc. to be relevant to the location/trends in that area. So that as most people as possible can relate to my work, suggesting they would want to see ,ore of it as it enforces familiarity, comfort and common ground for my audience. Therefore I plan to use casual everyday and realistic hairstyles yet professional. For example looking classy and well put together.

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Make up

Throughout my images I want to keep to the concept of continuity, meaning all looks or aspects will be linked in at least one way. Therefore I would like to keep to the relaxed and casual approach fro make up, just like I plan to for hair so that the focus isn’t taking away from the main object unless that is the purpose outlined. However I don’t want my magazine to be like everybody else's so I am going to try a put a unique and creative make up spin on some images so my magazine stands out from the crowd.

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I am not planning to rely on any props within my photography as I don’t want attention drawn away from the main focus by the audience looking at the props used in the images. However I do plan to use basic everyday props such as sunglasses, handbags etc. Unless there is a prop this is article specific than I would make changes so that a relevant prop was within the frame. For example a make up product advert, prop being a make o brush to apply to new advertised product.