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Nutrition & Hydration Training. Donna Steeden Support Services Manager. Catering Staff Training. Skills Gap Mealtime Experience “Beyond the Kitchen Walls”. Dedicated Training. Full Day Training – Dietician, Speech & Language Therapist - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Nutrition & Hydration Training

  • Nutrition & Hydration TrainingDonna Steeden Support Services Manager

  • Catering Staff TrainingSkills GapMealtime ExperienceBeyond the Kitchen Walls

  • Dedicated TrainingFull Day Training Dietician, Speech & Language TherapistPractical demonstrations Soaked & Moulded Foods, Snack Tasting, Supplement TastingWorkbook Sessions

  • BarriersCatering Training Impact LimitedRecognition of Importance (Nutritional Care) Amount of Care Staff Training Already RequiredCost

  • National Nutrition DayCare Staff TrainingStudy Day FormatMorning & Afternoon SessionsAim realise importance of nutritional care & impact their can have

  • Nutrition in Older PeopleBalanced DietMUSTSnacksFortified Foods

  • HydrationImportanceSigns of dehydrationConsequences of dehydrationPractical steps to take:EncouragementPresentationOpportunitites

  • Pureed DietsDysphagiaThickened FluidsSoaked FoodsMoulded FoodsMealtime Experience

  • FeedbackUnderstanding of importancePractical Things to DoUnderstanding of Role Each Staff Member Can PlayTeam Approach to Nutrition

  • FutureNutrition ChampionsRolling Training Program