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Nutrition & Hydration. A guide for Academy Squad Players. Outcomes. At the end of this session we will have identified: the benefits of proper Nutrition & Hydration - the different types of food/fluids required for athletic performance when and what to eat and drink - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Nutrition & Hydration

  • Nutrition & HydrationA guide for Academy Squad Players

  • OutcomesAt the end of this session we will have identified:the benefits of proper Nutrition & Hydration- the different types of food/fluids required for athletic performancewhen and what to eat and drink issues for Academy Squad players

  • Ice BreakerDivide into 3 even teams.

    In the form of a relay race collect the followingTeam 1: CarbohydratesTeam 2: ProteinsTeam 3: Fats

  • Group TaskIn groups, discuss how you can benefit from proper Nutrition & Hydration.Decrease in recovery timeIncrease in EnergyIncrease in muscle developmentIncrease in staminaDecrease in body fatImproved health (fight illness) Prevent Cramping* Improve Performance*

  • Whats important?Fluids




  • FluidsGet into the habit of drinking water regularly. (Carry a water bottle with you)Aim to drink 2 litres each dayDrink before, during and after exercise to prevent dehydration

  • How will dehydration effect you?Reduce decision making skillsReduce coordinationIrritability Nausea & VomitingDizzinessHeadachesWeakness

  • How you can check

  • Avoid DehydrationDrink 200-600ml of fluid in the 2 hrs before exerciseDrink 125-150 ml of fluid every 15-20 mins during exercise to replace lost sweat. ( Use breaks in play)Replace lost fluid after exercise by immediately drinking 500ml of fluid.

  • CarbohydratesCarbohydrate foods provide us with energy we need for playing Football / Hurling

    They are required before , during and after sport.

    Examples include Breads, Cereals, Rice, Pasta, Fruit and Veg

  • ProteinProtein is the building blocks of muscle

    It is essential for maintenance, growth and recovery

    If consumed in proper quantities, it will spare muscle breakdown.

  • FatsTraining / games lasting more than 1 hr require energy from fat stores

    If your diet is too low in fats it may hinder your performance.

    However, fats should be avoided before training and games as they are slow to digest.

  • When & What to eat:BreakfastBreakfast is the most important meal of the day. You have been fasting overnight, so you need to ensure you break this fast!Ideas include:Porridge with milk and honeyCereal and toastToast & eggs & beansFruit juice / smoothie

  • Pre match mealEat your pre match meal between 2-4 hoursBefore throw in as it needs time to digestYour meal should be:Carbohydrate basedLow in FatNot too filling Include a drinkIn the 2 hrs before the match, eat snacks to top up your energy. ( Banana, Jaffa cakes, jelly sweets)

  • Post match Recovery WindowThe 1st 30 mins after intense exercise is known as the muscle recovery windowMuscles can rebuild 2-3 times faster in this time periodProper recovery leads to much less muscle soreness and higher energy the next dayEasier to use Carbohydrate and Protein drinksEat a carbohydrate /protein meal within the next 2 hours

  • Group TaskPlan your nutrition & hydration requirements for the following scenariosAcademy Squad training at 12 noon (Sat)Club Match at 3pm (Sat)Club match at 7pm on a School dayAway match with School

  • Group TaskOn a flip chart sheet:

    Identify the issues / challenges you face in achieving good Nutrition & Hydration

    What are the solutions?

    Water is fine for up to 1hr -1.5 hrs of activity. Sports drinks are designed for more than 1.5 hrs of activity. They may be needed for tournaments or very hot days.*