Hydration & Nutrition for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk

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Hydration & Nutrition for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Presented by Heather Cherry, RD. Congratulations!. You’re here! You’re making the commitment to TRAIN! Your nutrition is first…. Nutrition: Before, During & After Exercise. Fluids Needs Macronutrient needs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Hydration & Nutrition for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk

  • Hydration & Nutrition for the Avon Breast Cancer WalkPresented byHeather Cherry, RD

  • .Youre here! Youre making the commitment to TRAIN!Your nutrition is first

  • Nutrition: Before, During & After ExerciseFluids NeedsMacronutrient needs (carbohydrate, protein, fat)Recovery

  • HYDRATIONRegulation of Body TemperatureDehydration can cause an increase in core temperature leading to:Heatstroke, Sunstroke, Heat cramps, FatigueDecrease in blood volume, which increases stress on the cardiovascular systemGreatest variable for performance2% body weight loss= decrease performance3% loss = 4-8% decrease in aerobic power*Studies by Susan Barr, Michael Sawka, Kent Pandolf, and John Green leaf

  • Proper Fluid IntakeGet hydrated before the walk! This means start drinking now!Pale/clear urine Throughout the day then 8-16 oz 15-30 minutes before the event

  • Stay hydratedIts worth the bathroom trip!Sweat is 99% water16-32 oz every hour (may vary on environmental temperature and intensity)For every # of water weight lost during exercise a # of water should be consumed after the exerciseMost or All of your fluid replaced during the walk should be supplemented with carbohydrate and electrolytes

  • Carbohydrates are your friendsLow carbohydrate diets/programs put on hold.AtkinsKetogenicMost efficient fuel to burn.Spare protein breakdown during exercise.Helps with muscle recovery.

  • One Hour before the walkLow glycemic index carbohydrate sourcesSee attachment Slower gastric emptying25-50 grams: yogurt with fruit, 1 c oatmealSmall amounts of protein are appropriateDuration macronutrient20% converted to blood sugar slowlyDairy, cottage cheese, peanut butter

  • hour before the walkHigher glycemic index carbohydratesConvert into blood sugar quickly15-30 grams: sports GU8-16 oz cups sports drink4-8 oz fruit juice (monitor for cramping)No protein or fat. This will only slow down gastric emptying and could cause cramping.

  • During the walk!!!!If less then 60 minutes there is no need to supplement carbohydrate.Over 60 minute walk should be supplemented with fluid, carbohydrate, and electrolytes.Sports drinks with 6-8% carbohydrate concentrations absorb well such as: Gatorade, PowerAde, or All SportSports Gels have a greater carbohydrate concentration and can slow gastric emptying

  • Recovery4:1 Carbohydrate to protein ratioSports recovery drinksImportant to continue drinking electrolytes after the walk 1 cup of fruit with c cottage cheese, bagel with a few slices of turkey, 1 c pasta with meat sauce, yogurtEat within 30 minutes of the exerciseSupplementation? XANGO

  • Thank you and good luckPlease contact me if you are interested in more individualized nutrition prescriptionRemember to ENJOY yourself!