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of 10 /10 [email protected] Powering Enterprises for and Innovation Growth # 8-2-684/1/18, R.M. Mansion Road No. 12, Banjara Hills Hyderabad-500034. A.P., India. T: +91 (40) 23392440 F: +91 (40) 23391105 Corporate Office Exensys Software Solutions Ltd. Business Performance Sustained Business Performance Sustained Winning With Exensys Where Innovation Is Tradition

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w w w. e x e n s y s . c o m i n f o @ e x e n s y s . c o m

Powering Enterprises for

and Innovation Growth

# 8-2-684/1/18, R.M. Mansion

Road No. 12, Banjara Hills


A.P., India.

T: +91 (40) 23392440

F: +91 (40) 23391105

Corporate Office

Exensys Software Solutions Ltd.

Business Performance Sustained

Business Performance Sustained

Winning With ExensysWhere Innovation Is Tradition

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We are facing a lot of

problems in terms of

managing our operational

cost effectively; can you

provide us with a solution

that will give us in-depth and

real-time visibility into our

costs, in the desired form?

We have a major

requirement in terms of integrating all the functional

/ departmental processes.

But we are looking at the

lowest cost of ownership.

Can your company provide

industry based solutions in

Automotive which are

specific to my


I am worried about being

able to rapidly change my

business processes to

respond to the growing

demands of my global

customers. My processes

need to change as my

customer’s processes


We need a product that

can be rapidly,

economically and

painlessly implemented.

We need to see business

benefits in the shortest

possible time.

We want to be

customer-centric in

dealing with our stake

holders. With this

approach we want to

see an increase in sales

and our brand equity.

I need real-world

solutions which can be

quickly aligned with our

business processes.

They must be highly

flexible and easy to use.

They should not

require a large IT

support team.

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Organizations such as:

Providing a new

paradigm for



S u s t a i n e dB u s i n e s s P e r f o r m a n c e


For the past years, Exensys has been working with customers from

diversified industries to empower them with a robust business

management solution that offers competitive advantage through

effective use of information technology.

Exensys solutions simplify your complex problems by:

Providing value-added solutions that help you reach your business


Enabling you to transform your business to meet your needs and

take quick decision

Empowering you to deliver quality products and services to your


Cross Industry and Vertical Solutions offered:

eXensys Industry Solutions

Trading (commodities, FMCG, general trading) - eXensys

Industry Trading Solution

Retail - eXensys Industry Retail Solution

Manufacturing - eXensys Industry Manufacturing Solution

- Discrete / Repetitive Manufacturing (automobile, auto

ancillaries, industrial equipment manufacturers)

- Process / Continuous Manufacturing (edible oil, bulk

drugs, printing, chemicals, food processing)

Automotive - eXensys Industry Automotive Solution

Public Sector - eXensys Industry Public Sector Solution

Education - eXensys Industry Education Solution

Healthcare - eXensys Industry Healthcare Solution

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Our Product Offerings

eXensys Industry Solutions eXensys Managed Business Application Services (MBAS)

eXensys Industry Trading Solution

eXensys Industry Retail Solution

eXensys Industry Manufacturing Solution

eXensys Industry Automotive Solution

eXensys Industry Public Sector Solution

eXensys Industry Healthcare Solution

eXensys Industry Education Solution

At Exensys we have taken SaaS to the next level of service. Exensys

provides business specific and industry specific hosted and managed

solution which is called Managed Business Application Services

(MBAS). Exensys MBAS is a model of software delivery, wherein

business specific software can be delivered using the MBAS platform

to any market segment including small, medium and large businesses.

Exensys MBAS provides business applications for business functions

like - Finance, Human Resource, Payroll, Inventory, Purchasing and

also industry vertical applications for – Manufacturing, Trading & Retail.

The benefits from MBAS are:

It saves money

Lowers IT costs

Economies of scale

Pay as you go

It saves time

Can focus technology budgets on competitive advantage

rather than infrastructure

Gain immediate access to the latest innovations

Join a community of interest

eXensys Strategic Business Products

eXensys Business Intelligence

eXensys Customer Relationship Management

eXensys Supply Chain Management

eXensys Document Management System

eXensys Human Capital Management

eXensys Financial Managemenrt

eXensys Developer Suite

Integration Workbench

Application Workbench


Report Designer

A Proud Tradition of Industry Leadership

Technology Collaboration withVersata, Oracle & Microsoft


Started Application Development and

Management Services unit

Assessed for ISO 9001-2000



Launched eXensys 1.0

Started Product Development and

Management Services unit


Our Promise

To provide customers with business solutions that will enable them

to reduce cost, enhance profits, achieve superior business results

and integrate their processes seamlessly.

To streamline business operations to respond rapidly to business

opportunities and enhance customer service.

Exensys enterprise solutions promises business enterprises to deliver

transaction & process efficiency with full scalability.

“eXensys Financial Management and HCM’s rich functionality was a terrific catalyst to drive quick decision-making and has boosted our competitiveaggression to make inroads into new markets.” … Nova Airways.Initiated Global Channel Partners program

Launched eXensys 2.0

Release of Industry Specific Solutions


2005Launched eXensys 3.0

Established Global Delivery Model

Assessed for CMMi Maturity Level 5

New Development Center in India

“eXensys Industry Manufacturing Solution has exceeded our expectations in delivering a credible business improvement. Many incremental improvements added up to total tangible benefits and our big advantage was high ROI.” ... GR Power Switchgear Ltd.

Featured among the innovative companies in India by Microsoft

Released eXensys CRM, DMS and Business Intelligence (eXBIS)

Partner Enablement Campaigns Initiated – ‘Waves 2006’

Large number of customers acquired in the Middle East. Entered

Middle East market on the product.

2006Large number of customers acquired in India

and other regions

Total of 100 plus Partners in over 20 countries

Offices in various regions like USA, Hyderabad,

Chennai and Mumbai

Employee size of 1000 plus

2007Launched new version “eXensys 4.1”

eXensys Managed Business Application Services

(MBAS) offering

Launched “On Device Portal (ODP)”

Restructured Organization

Launched “Waves 2009”sales campaign

20092008New R & D Centre in India and

business operations

eXensys Industry Vertical Solutions offerings for

Manufacturing, Trading, Automotive, Retail and

Public Sector

ISO 9001 re-certified

Acquired strategic customer footprint in ISV and

manufacturing vertical

consolidated US

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Product Development & Engineering (PD&E)

Exensys has accumulated over the years a wealth of industry

knowledge and domain expertise that position us well to help

clients stay ahead of the technology curve. Exensys PD&E takes

place in focused research centers and technology labs where

engineers identify technology, tools and methodologies which

are most appropriate to solve specific customer challenges and

work with clients to develop proofs of concept. The PD&E team

also develops re-usable frameworks and components to solve

generic industry problems. Exensys PD&E team is constantly

evaluating new technologies from leading vendors and alliances,

and collaborating with industry leaders who contribute

significantly to our product superiority.

Solutions to Verticals

Enterprises require software to speak the language of their

business with functionality that is tailored to meet specific

requirements of their industry. Exensys vertical products have

been conceptualized in collaboration with customers and

industry veterans. Exensys offers solutions across various

verticals such as Trading, Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing

(Process & Discrete), Public Sector, Healthcare, Education, and


Technology Offering

Our Offerings

eXensys Product Highlights

Web based software

Low cost of ownership

Service Oriented Architecture for more flexibility

EAI, EDI, Sync ready for better integration and portability

Ease of navigation

Flexible deployment capability

Exensys offers Web based Enterprise products based on specific verticals. We have grown rapidly as a

leading enterprise solution provider supporting organizations with strategic solutions that offer

flexible usage and deployment for respective verticals such as eXensys Industry Trading Solution,

eXensys Industry Retail Solution, eXensys Industry Manufacturing Solution, eXensys Industry

Automotive Solution, eXensys Industry Public Sector Solution, eXensys Industry Healthcare Solution

and eXensys Industry Education Solution comprising Financial Management, Human Capital

Management, Sales & Distribution, etc. Strategic Business Products that include eXensys BI, eXensys

CRM, eXensys SCM, eXensys DMS, eXensys HCM and eXensys FM.

eXensys Enterprise Management Suite 4.1 can be deployed as Service Oriented Architecture

framework. eXensys 4.1 becomes extremely flexible and easy to integrate in heterogeneous

environment. The value proposition of Exensys enterprise product is low cost of ownership,

advanced technological framework and ease of navigation. eXensys Interface enables even a lay man

to operate the business complexities with simplicity.

In order to bring the core business functions and the governing business rules and policies on a

common platform, the functionality of eXensys product is enriched to include eXensys Developer

Suite which includes Integration Workbench, Application Workbench, X-Migrate and Report

Designer. Exensys is focused on providing the best quality solutions to customers across the global

landscape. To achieve this it relies on the combined efforts, deep experience and domain competence

of all its employees, customers and channel partners.

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eXensys IT Services

As part of eXensys IT Services we focus on Consulting &

Application Solutions. We provide services to develop, deploy,

maintain, enhance and manage all types of software

applications. We offer the most integrated approach to

application services.

Service Offerings

Strategic Consulting

Business Environment Study & SWOT Analysis

Understanding IT Landscape

Business Process Mapping & Reengineering

IT Strategy Roadmap

Business Intelligence Services

BI Consulting

Data Modeling, Cleansing & ETL Process

Data Maintenance

OLAP and Analytical Solutions

Analytical Reporting

Dash Boards

Application Solutions(End User Enterprises)

Application Management Services

Legacy Application Migration

Custom Application Development

Enterprise Application Integration

Maintenance & Support

Application Solutions (Independent Software Vendors – ISVs)

Product Development & Management Services

New Product Development

Platform Modernization

Product Management

Maintenance & Support

Technical Expertise

Experience in design, development, porting, maintenance, enhancements, SOA enabling,

professional services, application integration for applications using:


Microsoft Technologies

Legacy Technologies

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Telecom Analytics

Analytics in VAS and sales & marketing domain

Design and build

Roadmap study

Gap analysis

Mobile Competency

Product industrialization

Test the hypothesis

Proof of Concept (POC)

Validation (check the product performance)

Large scale deployment

Exensys Telecom Offerings

As competition intensifies and the network becomes a commodity, service providers are faced with

the need to maximize value of their customers, optimize cost structures and introduce innovative

services on a continuous basis.

Exensys Telecom SBU focuses on solutions for the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile

Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) that are ready-to-deploy Mobile Platforms on proven carrier

grade telecom infrastructure.

The key business streams that we provide in our solutions are:

Point Solutions

Call Management Suite

Caller Ring-back Tone (CRBT)

Smart Call Manager (SCM)

Missed Call Alert Solution

Voice Mail Solution (VMS)

Prepaid Solutions

E-Top up Solution

Prepaid Charging Server

New revenue streams – (Mobile VAS Solutions)

Roaming Solutions

Welcome SMS

Local Roaming Number Solution

Preferred Roaming Solution

Voice Based Solutions

Voice SMS

Anonymous Voice Chat Solution

Voice Portal Solution

Mobile Data Services

On Device Portal (ODP) Solution

Location-based Solution

Enterprise Solutions

Mobile ERP Integration Solutions

Lawful Interception Solutions

Customer Life Value Management (CLVM)

Revenue assurance solutions

Point solutions

Telecom analytics

RMobile competency center

USSD Services

USSD (Unstructured

Supplementary Service Data)

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Trusted Global Name for Business Transformation, Technology & Consulting

Customer Support & Maintenance Priori y r po set es n Lower support cost Ra i ado ti np d p o Increas produc ivityed t

Ex sen ys

“Technology can be a

powerful driver to

transform an enterprise

into an empire, an idea

into a revolution and

a challenge into an

achievement and

that’s what we do at

Exensys as your

business partner.”

Intensity of competition and market changes demand rapid

response capabilities and capacities from solution providers.

At Exensys, a customer’s enquiry has the highest priority.

We deliver quick response and expert guidance to your

queries. An effective escalation mechanism ensures that

complaints, suggestions or alerts, get analysed and raised to

the appropriate level for appropriate action. It is of

paramount importance to us that your business is supported

and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Exensys worldwide network provides

24 X 7 support to its customer on

different continents across the globe.

Increasing productivity with superior levels

of support

“We were in need of an enterprise

solution which is both scalable &

flexible. We opted eXensys,

and the choice proved worthy.”

Shree Nidhi Secure Print (P) Ltd.

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Our Actions

Exensys is focused on providing the best quality solutions to our customers across the global

landscape. To achieve this it relies on the combined efforts, deep experience and domain

competence of all its employees, customers and channel partners. Exensys is driven by a value

system that is built on Equality, Trust, Transparency, Empowerment, Quality, Respect and

Continuous Learning.

Making a difference

Perpetuate absolute integrity – Transparency and business commitment

Pursue quality as a way of life. Quality is the foundation of our success

Be passionate about innovating and designing world-class solutions

Think creatively – Manage technological challenges and help design flexible and reliable

solutions to address business challenges and exploit market opportunities

Understand customers’ current and future critical needs to provide powerful solutions that will

deliver significant value and customer delight

The corporate guiding principles of Exensys are:

Our People

Exensys has over 1000 people as associates from more than 5 countries. The global footprint of our operations offers employees the

chance to lead and participate in projects that have global significance as they play a critical role in enabling the competitive advantage

of our customers.

Exensys believes that “People” are the driving force behind any organization. It recognizes its associates as key assets and has worked

to build an environment that allows them to achieve the right work balance between professional and personal life.

At Exensys, the employees and our customers work as a team, leading to an excellent collaborative environment that results in high

productivity and quality. Team work and synergy among different functions help Exensys to address customer requirements


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“We are impressed by Exensys’ understanding of our project

complexity despite many surprises and challenges. The

terrific collaborative work by team members further

increased our trust and confidence in Exensys in doing

repetitive business. We have referred our partners and

customers to Exensys.”

Banque Saudi Fransi

Customer Testimonials

“We want to be your

trusted partner for

innovation in a

world where the

pressure to show

results and intensity of

competition is

increasing daily.”

Saudi Telecom Company

“Exensys has enabled us to introduce voice SMS service in a

short time frame allowing the subscribers to convey their

emotions and feelings along with their voice. With this

service, we have built a competitive position in addressing key

issues like Subscriber Loyalty and ARPU (Average Revenue

Per User) in the current deregulated market of Saudi Arabia.”

“The .NET technology projects at the bank have been

successfully implemented and handled professionally by the

team and completed within the scheduled time span, this has

also helped the bank to respond to market needs with flexible

solution framework from Exensys.”