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Your partner for Retail, Foodservice and Industry

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DOC - Dutch Original Cheese The name says it all. We are specialized in the production and marketing of Dutch naturally riped and rindless cheeses. Your partner for Retail, Foodservice and Industry

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  • Your partner for Retail, Foodservice and Industry

  • Working with customersWe are committed to providing great service to all our customers. We work hard to build and preserve long term relationships.

    ExportWe export our cheeses to all corners of the world. We have a highly efficient and experienced customer service team who carry out the sometimes complicated export process on your behalf.Apart from the possibilities for Private Label, we can provide our B2B and consumer packaged cheeses under our respected Dutch Original Cheese brand.

    RetailWe are specialized in the direct supply to retailers of great quality cheese in a large variety of packaging shapes and sizes. We can manage the whole of the supply chain to fulfill a great Private Label service to our retail customers.

    FoodserviceWe provide a full range of Food Service products from block cheese to big bags. The Dutch Original Cheese brand stands for reliability and workability in this channel.

    IndustryWe work together with manufacturers to establish their requirements and then work hard to meet them. Our rindless cheese is ideal for grating, slicing and melting and gives great benefit both to the customers production process but also to the end product.

    Why is the quality so good?DOC is completely dedicated to cheese and we have more than a century of cheese making experience.On our Dairy Park site in Hoogeveen we have state-of-the-art technology for treating milk (Bactofugation) and cheese making (Casomatic). Our lab team carry out quality tests continuously during production. And our factories are fully BRC/ GMP certified. Further-more, through our partnership with Rouveen we are able to offer a very wide range of specialty cheeses.

    Welcome to the sourceDutch Original Cheese. The name says it all. We are specialized in the production

    and marketing of Dutch naturally ripened and rindless cheeses.

    DOC, established in 1895, is the second largest Dutch dairy cooperative, with more than 1200 farmer members. That means that we are guaranteed a stable milk supply for our state-of-the-art

    cheese manufacturing plants. Stop searching, because you have found the source!

  • Gouda - The most famous cheese fromThe NetherlandsGouda is the most well-known cheese of all Dutchcheeses. It was named after the Dutch town of Gouda, where it has been sold at the market for centuries. In the 19th century, the production of this type of cheese started to spread across the rest of the Netherlands, resulting in the fact that Gouda cheese became the most commonly made cheese.

    Traditional Gouda, full of flavour and aroma,is available in different stages of maturity, including mild, mature and even extra mature. Gouda contains a minimum of 48% fat in dry matter.

    International quality seal for one of theworlds most famous cheesesTo protect the original Gouda cheese, the European Union has granted a PGI-recognition to the genuine Dutch Gouda cheese with the term Gouda Holland. PGI stands for Protected Geographical Indication. Only products that owe their reputation to their geographical origin and are produced there canbe considered for such protection. All the naturally-ripened Gouda cheeses from DOC have thisPGI-recognition. This can be recognized by the special Gouda Holland quality seal.

    Gouda in different shapes and packagingDOC supplies naturally ripened Gouda cheese in wheels of 4.5 kg or 12 kg, in pieces, slices or as grated cheese. It is possible to have your own label applied on our cheese.

    Product Range

    The real Gouda Holland cheese: 100% Dutch milk 100% Dutch recipe 100% Dutch ripening 100% Dutch craftsmanship

  • Gouda 30% fatBesides the traditional Gouda, DOC also produces a low fat Gouda (30% fat). This Gouda type is available as a foil ripened and rindless 15kg block and perfectly suitable for further processing. Edam - Traditional Dutch cheeseEdam cheese is named after an old Dutch towncalled Edam. In the 14th century, Edam was an important port from which the cheeses were shipped to other parts of the country as well as abroad.

    Original Edam is made from cows milk, has a verymild flavor and is consumed while still immature.The minimum fat percentage of Edam is 40%.Edam can also be ordered as Mimolette: a varietyof Edam that has an orange-red colour. Maasdam A characteristic Dutch cheeseThis creamy, semi-hard cheese full of eyes (holes)is made from cows milk, and is available both in wheels and blocks. The gas that is produced inside

  • the cheese during the ripening process,gives Maasdam its special shape and taste. Due to its appearance full of holes, Maasdam is often referred to as the Dutch Emmental.

    Sweet and nuttyMaasdam is soft and sweet, with a nutty flavour.It is consumed when still young, and is delicious either as a snack or on a sandwich. DOC supplies naturally matured Maasdam 12kg wheels, in pieces or slices. It is possible to haveyour own label applied on our cheese.

    EmmentalDOC produces an Emmentaler or Emmental cheese with a savoury but not very sharp taste. Due to the gas that is produced inside the cheese during the ripening process, the cheese obtains its typical holes. Emmentaler is a perfect ingredient in various dishes and especially as topping on pizza. Emmentaler is available in 15kg blocks.

  • SpecialtiesIn addition to traditional Dutch cheese, DOC canalso provide you with a wide range of exceptional specialty cheeses, such as low fat cheese, cheeseswith special additional ingredients, and goatscheese. Also production of cheeses according toyour own specifications is one of the possibilitiesDOC can help you with.

    Specialty cheeses in different shapes andpackagingDOC supplies naturally matured specialty cheeses inwheels of 4.5 kg, in pieces, slices, cubes or as grated cheese. If required, we can also supply specialtiesas a foil block (special conditions can apply).

  • Foil CheeseBesides naturally matured cheese, DOC can also provide you with different types of cheese thatare produced as foil-ripened and rindless. Thesecheeses are perfect for customers who need cheeses for further processing. Next to the traditional Gouda (48%), Gouda (30%) and the Edam (40%), we also offer a Maasdam (45%), Emmentaler (45%) and a Mimolette (40%) as a foil-ripened cheese.

    Also different kinds of specialties, like low fat cheese,or cheeses with added ingredients are available in a foil wrapping.

    Packaging possibilitiesDOC supplies foil-ripened cheese in blocks of 3 kg and 15 kg, in slices or as grated cheese.

  • Your partner for Retail, Foodservice and Industry

    Thinking cheeseOur highly experienced and professional account

    managers are keen to work with you to growyour cheese business and to optimize your cheese

    processing. Whether you are a manufacturer,a retailer or an importer we offer tailormade

    assistance, a personal touch and a reliable service model in all aspects of the value chain.

    ContactDOC Dutch Original Cheese

    Energieweg 4-B, 1271 ED HuizenThe Netherlands

    Tel.: +31(0)35-5288399Fax: +31(0)35-5288398

    E-mail: [email protected]