STIMA Congress 2014 - The Festival Edition: Presentation Cor Molenaar

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Disruption in Retailing Customer will buy differently Prof Dr Cor Molenaar RSM/ErasmusUniversity eXQuo consultancy

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Transcript of STIMA Congress 2014 - The Festival Edition: Presentation Cor Molenaar

PowerPoint Presentation ERA 2013

Disruption in RetailingCustomer will buy differentlyProf Dr Cor MolenaarRSM/ErasmusUniversityeXQuo consultancy

[email protected] is changing

Technology changeCustomer behaves differentlyInternet as disrupter

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] orDisrupt?Smart cards, smart payment, google glasses, google shopping,google wallet, ebay now, Big data, location based services, tracking and tracing, smart households, internet of thingsVirtual reality, virtual stores, augmented reality, cloud computingWhat will your future bring?Value chainValue propositionoptimisersinnovatorsdisruptorsimprove enhance createstrengthen enlarge invent Impact internet on structures [email protected][email protected]

Radical emotionIndividualLack of focus and concentrationAlways connectedLooking for [email protected]

[email protected] there is morePressure on budgets: 9% is spent on articles which did not exist in 2010Reduce spenditure on existing articlesMore single households

Ratio versus hedonism

[email protected] is a technical platform toreshape business:Focus on sales, information, communicationFocus on customer needsBut what is new?No physical limitationsNo distance constraintsNo time constraintsInformation driven

[email protected] is reinventing internetNew platformNew philosophyNew business modelNew opportunitiesBut there is more to comeConnecting buyers and producersFacilitating businessCustomer leadingGet on or copy

[email protected]

[email protected]

Reshaping the world:Internet of thingsTracking and tracingNew connectionsNew communicationsNew business modelsTransparencyCloud computingBig dataAnalysis systemsiBeaconsNFC [email protected]

from friction to solutionAssortment/deliveryCityhubs and multi-docsFrom owning to sharingFrom waiting to following

Financial modelFrom transaction model to service model to subscription model

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] is new driverEase of useLocation based

OpportunityMobile use while shoppingLocation based servicesTracking and tracing

[email protected]

[email protected] sum is greater than the single partsSupply chain, factories, brands, real estate and councilsPartnership is needed for the future

[email protected]@cormolenaar.nlThe future will not waitCustomers wont waitWill you wait ?