Seven Deadly Sins of Time Management

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Seven Deadly Sins of Time Management A time management workshop for busy library peeps

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Time management is not a sexy or exciting topic, but it is one that should be revisited occasionally. This presentation eschews detailed discussion of task lists and calendars, and focuses instead on a holistic approach to managing your workload.

Transcript of Seven Deadly Sins of Time Management

  • 1. Seven Deadly Sins of TimeManagementA time management workshopfor busy library peeps

2. Time management isnt sexybut it is necessary. 3. [email protected]@lawlesslbrarian 4. THE 7 DEADLY SINS 5. Deadly sin #1Failure to internalizeorganizational goals 6. Strategic Goals Implement technology strategies that increaseefficiency, service, and responsiveness to the community. Provide a dynamic, current collection of resources inpopular formats designed to meet the needs of thecommunity both now and in the future. Create a customer-focused environment in all aspects oflibrary service delivery 7. Strategic Goals Create and promote a public image of the library as avital, dynamic, customer-friendly and essential source ofinformation, life-long learning, cultural enrichment and civicinvolvement. Provide the necessary infrastructure and public access tomeet the library needs of a growing population. Provide a welcoming, safe library environment that reflectsthe communitys changing needs. Strengthen existing partnerships and develop newcollaborations with schools, agencies, businesses, community organizations, and individuals to maximizeservice to the community. 8. MissionThe Bartow County Library System provides allcitizens of the county with resources and services tohelp meet theirinformational, educational, cultural, and recreationalneeds. The library system is the primary self-directedlearning resource for the county and offers extensiveliterary collections, current and reliable referencecollections, and exciting childrens collections thatencourage citizens to develop an interest in readingand lifelong learning. 9. Values Quality Service Learning-Centered Intellectual Freedom Universal Accessibility Innovation Communication Collaboration/Teamwork Positive Attitude 10. Deadly sin #2 Failure to set personal goals 11. Why is it important to set goals? 12. CareerFinancial Education Family ArtisticAttitudePhysicalPleasurePublic Service 13. Creative TractionLibraryneedsPersonal needs 14. Backward Goal SettingLifetime GoalsFive Year One YearSix Month One Month 15. Gravitational Goal SettingPersonal LifeTasks I love Tasks I loatheProfessional LifeTasks I love Tasks I loathe 16. SMART GoalsSpecificMeasurableAttainableRelevantTime-bound 17. Exercise: Backward or GravitationalGoals? 18. Deadly sin #3Failure to prioritize 19. Covey Quadrant 20. Necessity Crises Preparation Pressing problems Prevention Deadlines Values clarification Relationships Empowerment DeceptionWaste Email Busy work Phone calls Time wasters Meetings Escape activities Popular activities 21. 30 Day Snapshot System-wide initiatives Department/branch projects Organizational teams/committees Fielding daily communication Daily job responsibilities from job description other daily job responsibilities not in job description Library association/community involvement 22. How do your priorities map? 23. RequirementsCharacteristicsKnows role BalancedSMART FocusedgoalsScheduling FlexibleAdapts Teamwork player Quadrant 2 Person 24. Deadly sin #4Failure to manage distractions 25. DeskOffice Work Team Div.Org Hood loadEvery surface Layout is notSaying yes toShort-term HighlyPast grudgesThe house nextcovered withconducive foreverything priorities are competitive interfere withdoor is inclutter working with keeps me in anot clearlyenvironment getting thingsdisrepair andothers state of articulatedwhere deptdonenegatively perpetual heads compete affects my backlog for limited property value resourcesDual monitorOld projects Inefficient useTeam members Lack of No current CE My house is onsetup creates a are still on myof email and dont respectcommunication needs a septic tankwall betweencurrenttask lists makes each others between deptassessmentand the countyme and visitors projects board it difficult for time, leading to heads in my is in no rush toin my office me to stay permanentdivisionput the currentcrisis mode in neighborhoodoffice on sewerNo clear senseSlow InternetNot doingProjects could Imbalance ofSeveral peopleof organization connection enough far-be managed the division of in theanywherespeed makes it reaching,better (oftenresources neighborhood(corkboard, difficult to bigger impactunsure of whoare active, butdesk, bookcase, complete projects for GAis responsible there are noetc)online projectslibraryfor what, when sidewalks for communitywill actionjoggersitems becomplete)Not enough Too manyfiling space for presentation/legacy speakingdocumentsrequestsLack of spaceto fully deploya Mac/PCenvironment 26. Deadly sin #5Giving to procrastination 27. Types of ProcrastinationFunctional DysfunctionalShort-termLong-term Chronic 28. Why do people procrastinate? 29. Procrastination=Delayed WorkflowsPublicAcquisition Cataloging Processing Shelving Services 30. What methods have you used tocombat procrastination? 31. Two Birds List the tasks you are currentlyputting off. Remove two from the list bydoing them now! Plan and set a schedule for therest. Reward yourself when the tasksare complete. Punish yourself when tasks arenot completed on schedule. 32. 4D Dont do it Do it Delegate it Defer it 33. Nuclear Option No working late No taking work home If it doesnt get done duringwork hours, it doesnt get done. 34. Deadly sin #6Taking on too much 35. Everyone is a negotiator. 36. Sometimes, youjust have to say.. 37. but how shouldI do it? 38. What are your main challenges in saying no? What are somecanned phrases you could use to say no in the workplace? 39. Deadly sin #7Failure to take care of yourself 40. Thank you! Jay [email protected]: lawlesslbrarian 41. Handouts for This Workshop