critical evaluation seven deadly sins.

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M.K.BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH Name : Bhumi v joshi. Roll No: 3 Paper Name : The Renaissance Literature Enrollment No: PG14101020 Topic : Seven Deadly sins: Critically evaluation the sense from Dr. Faustus. Submitted to : Department Of English. SEM -1

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seven deadly sins in Dr.Faustus

Transcript of critical evaluation seven deadly sins.

  • 1. Dr Faustuss Pride appear when he feelsthat he is more than the others.

2. In Dr. Faustus covetousness appear when he wantsto get more and more and it is sign of this sin. 3. Lust appears in play when dancers whocame from another world . 4. We can see Wrath in the play when Faustus isnot able to do anything in his life. 5. Dr, Faustus gluttony appears when hewants much more power and positionthan the others. 6. We can see envy, when Dr. Faustus has jealousy for God as Heis Almighty. 7. When Dr. Faustus got all kind of knowledge he doesnt wants to workany more. He just wants to entertain people by some tricks. 8. We find all sins in the play Dr.Faustus and through thecharacter of Dr. Faustusdescribes it to teach morality tothe audiences