Protestant & Counter Reformation

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Convent •Christian community under monastic vows, especially one of nuns

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ConventChristian community under monastic vows, especially one of nuns

MonasticMonks, nuns, or others living under religious vows, or the buildings in which they live

Papacy/PapalThe office or authority of the pope

John CalvinLed a powerful Protestant group whose doctrine stated God had predetermined an ultimate destiny for all people

Counter-ReformationAnother name for the Catholic Reformation, church reforming its doctrine in an attempt to sway back supporters of the Protestant Reformation

Society of JesuitsFounded by Ignatius Loyola, practices self-control and moderation, prayer and good works led to salvation

Martin LutherStarted the Protestant Reformation, believed salvation was given through grace directly by God

Protestant ReformationA religious movement of the 16th century that began as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church and resulted in the creation of Protestant churches

Council of TrentSeries of meetings held by church officials to clarify the Church's position on important religious questions

The IndexA list of banned heretical works

IndulgencesA piece of paper that the faithful could purchase reduce time in purgatory (there they would expiate their sins and then be allowed into heaven).

The VaticanThe residence of the Catholic Pope in the Vatican City