Paid search - The Great Benefits

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Transcript of Paid search - The Great Benefits

  1. 1. PAID SEARCH Benefits and The Awesome Data
  2. 2. My Background Dad 7 years experience Audigy Group 2.5 years
  3. 3. PPC Like Raising Kids There is a lot of A/B testing involved
  4. 4. A/B Testing Meals OR
  5. 5. A/B Testing Bribes OR
  6. 6. PPC Data is Like Listening to Three Kids at once Look at my cool hay fort. Look at me, I am climbing the tree. Look at the fish I caught. Focus on the most important information
  7. 7. Paid Search vs. Organic Paid Result Map Pack Result (Local) Organic Result
  8. 8. Why Should I Do Paid Search? I already rank really well for my keywords in organic and map pack results.
  9. 9. It Is Hard to Rank Outside Your City... In Organic and Local Results. Paid search allows you to easily target specific locations outside your practice city.
  10. 10. Immediate Traffic Paid search gives instant results while organic Ranking for organic keywords can take months.
  11. 11. New Product or Service Launches Have a new hearing aid you want to promote? Just started offering pediatric dentistry?
  12. 12. Dominate Search Results Paid Result Organic Result Map Pack Result
  13. 13. Find the Missing from Organic KEYWORD DATA With Not Provided Google has taken away a lot of keyword data
  14. 14. Lets Be Mad Scientists With all this data available, we can perform many tests, and see results quickly.
  15. 15. Apply Successes to Organic Strategies HELPING
  16. 16. Test New Landing Pages Test headlines, content and calls to actions on landing pages. Apply successes to main website.
  17. 17. The Ads Test ad copy and calls to action with paid search. Apply successful ad copy and calls to action to organic Title Tags and Meta Descriptions.
  18. 18. Keywords (Search Queries) You have got to pay for this information now. (Maybe so Google makes more money)
  19. 19. Filling in the Missing Gap We can use the paid search query results to identify high converting keywords
  20. 20. What is Driving Conversions We now know which keywords are generating phone calls and form submissions. Can you hear me? I need hearing aids.
  21. 21. Avoid Surprises or Disappointments Dont Promise something in an ad and not deliver on the landing page.
  22. 22. Can you see the disconnect? Search Term was: Invisible Hearing Aids
  23. 23. Or the Disconnect Here? Search Term was: Lyric Hearing Aids
  24. 24. Making Everything Flow Search Term: Compare Hearing Aids
  25. 25. Making Landing Pages Better
  26. 26. Try to Avoid Stock Photos As Tim Ash said, Stock photography is business porn Anyway we can use member photos is best.
  27. 27. Photos & Content that Do Something If the photo or content does not enhance the call to action, it does not belong on the page.
  28. 28. Get an Edge Testimonials and awards are a great way to stand out from the crowd.
  29. 29. Internal Data The Amount of information we will be able to get can seem almost endless
  30. 30. Your PPC Dashboard
  31. 31. The Assisted Conversion
  32. 32. Number of Touch Points Should I buy that from here or that other place?
  33. 33. Quick and Slow Conversions
  34. 34. Member Monthly Data
  35. 35. PPC Resources Unbounce Blog: PPC Hero: Search Engine Land: Word Stream: A Good Book to Read:
  36. 36. Thank you for your time Questions?