Search Engine Marketing- Understanding The Paid Search Aspect

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Search Engine Marketing is the umbrella that includes Search Engine Optimization and also Paid Search. Many people aren’t aware that SEM encompasses both SEO and PPC, but this presentation breaks down SEM for you. Mainly focused on the paid search aspect, I will be uploading another presentation that focuses more on the SEO side of the equation.

Transcript of Search Engine Marketing- Understanding The Paid Search Aspect

  • 1. SearchEngineMarketingMICHAEL GEORGE KEATINGInternet Marketing Consultant
  • 2. Outline For Todays Class The Me (Real Talk) What I do 10 facts Search Engine Marketing What is it? Why is it important? Paid (PPC) Vs. Organic (SEO) Paid Search (PPC) In-depth breakdown Organic Search (SEO) Light overview
  • 3. The Me (Real Talk) 1.1 eReach Consulting A digital marketing agency that performs: o SEO o Graphic Design o PPC o Web Development o Video Marketing o Training o Social Media o Consulting My Role As A Consultant Differs from traditional agencies in structure o Have to be well versed in each skill set o Quarterback projects from start to nish
  • 4. The Me (Real Talk) 1.2 10 Facts About Me 1. Im from New Jersey Yes my family is okay~ 2. I graduated from USD in 2009 with a degree in Marketing 3. I wasnt a good student- 2.7 GPA (That is passing) 4. I have a puppy named Zaya whom I love 5. Im very open and honest 6. I love helping others in any way possible 7. I started a company and failed 8. I believe people take life too serious 9. I believe you want something go get no matter what 10. I dont believe in dreams I believe in making reality
  • 5. Zaya
  • 6. Search Engine Marketing 1.1 Denition Form of internet marketing that involves promoting websites by increasing their visibility in search engines through organic and paid methods Includes all search engines mainly Google, Yahoo, and Bing (others dont really matter) Who Cares? 2012 SEM industry in America was over $23 billion o $4.1 billion in 2004 Year over year growth of 8%
  • 7. Search Engine Marketing 1.2 These terms are often confused so remember this visual so you understand the hierarchy
  • 8. Search Engine Marketing 1.3 A Look at the Numbers 100 % = Paid + Organic 70 % = Organic 30 % = Paid
  • 9. Paid Search (Pay-Per-Click) 1.1 Denition Process of gaining trafc and increasing website visibility by purchasing ads on major search engines Includes Google Adwords, Yahoo! Advertising Solutions, Microsoft Search Advertising Some Numbers Mom and pops to Fortune 500 companies Ad prices vary from $.01 to $1,000s Fortune 500 companies spend over $200,000 /month
  • 10. Paid Search (Pay-Per-Click) 1.2 Mobile Vs. Desktop 8% 11% 81% Tablet Smartphone Computers $3.7 Billion $23 Billion
  • 11. Paid Search (Pay-Per-Click) 1.3 The User View Title = 25 characters long Destination URL = 35 characters Ad Copy = 35 characters Your insights? What would you do for the title or add copy? What do you think works best?
  • 12. Paid Search (Pay-Per-Click) 1.4 How The Placement Process Works Ads Maximum Bid X Ads Quality Score = AdRank Maximum Bid= The maximum amount you are willing to pay on one of your advertisements Quality Score= An estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are to the person seeing your ad (scale of 1-10) What Exactly Does It All Mean?
  • 13. Paid Search (Pay-Per-Click) 1.5 Maximum Bid Explained PPC- You can pay-per-click CPM- You can pay per thousand impressions Advanced options available such as: o Automatic bidding o Manual bidding Each bid option has its benets- When would you use each? How To Analyzing Maximum Bid CPA- How much are you willing to spend per acquisition
  • 14. Paid Search (Pay-Per-Click) 1.6 Quality Score Explained Based on: o Expected Click-through-rate o Advertisement relevance o Landing page experience Past history plays huge role Adjusted every time someone searches How It Affects You Actual CPC for your keyword First page bid estimate Ad position
  • 15. Paid Search (Pay-Per-Click) 1.7 Keyword Tricks
  • 16. Paid Search (Display) 1.1 Display Advertising 728 x90 (Leaderboard) 180 x150 (Medium Rectangle) 160 x 600 (Wide Skyscraper) 300 x 250 (Medium Rectangle)
  • 17. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 1.1 Basic Overview Determines how your website ranks in Search Engine Results Entirely organic= Non Paid Algorithm that consists of over 300 variables- no one knows them Algorithm is constantly changing Four Main Parts Content of your web pages Site architecture- how your site is created Incoming links On page optimization
  • 18. Overview- You Better Answer 1.1 SEM What is it? What is the structure in relation to SEO and PPC? Paid (PPC) What is it? What search engines allow you to run them? What determines how your ad is displayed? What are the limitations for setting up the ads? CPC Vs. CPM- What are they? When would you use either?
  • 19. Goodbye For Today Please let me if you have any questions and feel free to reach out to me at anytime. Im here to help you learn... SERIOUSLY