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Paid Search vs. Paid DisplayMarch 15, 2016

The Customer Funnel

Search v. Display

How to Pair

Where Does Choozle Fit In?

Compiling Results


In 2009, programmatic advertising--the automated buying and selling of digital advertising inventory--changed the face of online advertising by allowing companies to more efficiently and effectively place ads across multiple devices. With programmatic ad spend expected to reach $20 billion by the end of 2016, it has grown to become an essential part of every successful digital marketing strategy.

Going into the new year, consumers are increasingly turning to desktops and mobile devices to communicate, make purchases, social network, and more, the pressure is on for marketers to leverage programmatic advertising to grab their attention, secure buyers, and deliver business value. But how do you integrate programmatic media buying into your digital marketing strategy this year?

In this call we will discussIncorporating programmatic, both the value and sale of incorporating programmatic into your overall marketing strategy or campaign proposalsProgrammatic Budgets, how to determine what budgets should be allocated to programmatic within your digital marketing campaignsQuick Start to Building Campaigns, a quick review of the steps you will need to take to quickly launch a campaign here in 2016Scaling Campaigns, how to quickly assess and scale your programmatic campaign efforts.


Marketing Strategy: The Big Picture

So to get started, lets think about where RTB fits in the big picture of your overall marketing strategy. Here at Choozle, we believe it is important we have a firm grasp on this before we discuss our RTB strategy.

So as this graph depicts, there are many integral layers in any successful and comprehensive marketing strategy. The success of the top will help to feed the next layer of the funnel.

So as you can see from this graphic, Display advertising is at the very top of the funnel this is where you bring awareness of your brand, product, service or sale to the customer. As people see your advertisements, your brand or product becomes recognizable, and in time validated as legitimate and trustworthy to the consumer, then you can begin moving down the funnel to more reactive marketing strategies like email marketing which oftentimes requires an opt-in from the consumer, or search which requires the consumer to take an educated action of typing in your brands name or product.

Having more people in the top of the funnel helps to fuel the bottom levels.

Furthermore, with the 1st and 3rd party data targeting options in Choozle, you can make reaching individuals more targeted, which will help produce higher-quality leads for the rest of your customer acquisition funnel.3

Marketing Strategy: The Big Picture


Advertising on display, mobile, social, video

Targeting using 1st/3rd-Party Data

Paying on CPM modelPaid Display


Marketing Strategy: The Big Picture


Advanced Targeting to capture later in sales funnel include:RetargetingSearch RetargetingPaid Display 2.0


Marketing Strategy: The Big Picture


Advertising within the sponsored listings of a search engine

Targeting by selectedkeywords for product

Paying on PPC or CPM modelPaid Search

Both are integral to acomprehensive digitalmarketing strategy

Display inventory = push medium / costSearch inventory = pull medium/cost

Help capture customerthroughout the acquisitionprocessPairing Display and Search

It relies on users to actively search on keywords in your account and only a portion of those users even click your ads.10

Website: Content and SEO

Display Advertising

Social Media

Email Marketing

Paid SearchA Comprehensive Digital Strategy

In a recent campaign for one of my clients, 39% of all search conversions had a previous banner view in the mix. Its very possible that a portion of those conversions would never had happened unless the banner drove a user to search

Where Does Choozle Fit In?DMP & DSP

Targeted 3rd party data eliminates waste

Display, video, mobile, social, CRM, IP

Real-time and clear reporting

Ex: if they bought boots, they can buy the socks that go with those boots

Choozle is an excellent compliment to any existing or new marketing strategy that will allow you to expand your business and bring in better qualified leads.12

Compile ResultsThird-Party reporting optionsTap AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

Every systems metrics differ

Reporting will not match but will allow for single overview

So now that we have an understanding of where Choozle fits into your strategy, we have the all-important decision of how much budget to allocate to this portion of the process. No company and no strategy are the same, and this is certainly an important decision to have internally with your team or your client prior to getting your first campaign setup, but here are a few recommendations to consider:Is your website optimized for mobile? If not, you may want to limit your reach and targeting to desktop only.How much are you investing in the content on your digital platform? The last thing you want is for your customer to click-through an advertisement, or see an advertisement and then search for your company and be dropped to a page that has no content, no call to action, and does not get them any closer to converting as a customer.How far is the geographic reach of your campaign? Every company and every campaign are different, but think about how far (and in turn, how many people you are trying to reach)? For regional campaigns (DMAs or single-states) consider starting with a minimum of a $1k campaign. For regional or national campaigns, consider a $3k-5k budget to have enough budget to give your campaign traction.Also consider how granular you are trying to target. If you have a higher price point item (think cars or mortgages), you may want to consider investing more because you will want to have a high level of targeting to reach specific individuals. The use of this extra data will come at a cost, as well as making your CPMs more costly. If you are looking to run this kind of campaign, consider investing more budget to account for the extra cost of this level of granularity.13



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