Paid Search Considerations & Strategies

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An overview of paid search strategies and considerations for small-medium sized businesses.

Transcript of Paid Search Considerations & Strategies

  • 1. Paid Search: Strategies & considerations
    Ideal for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

2. Starting with the best foundation possible.
3. Assess Your (Business) Goals
Before you begin paid search, assess your business goals
Disregard traffic, positions, rankings, etc
Ask yourself, can paid search help me accomplish my business goals?
Create one Campaign for each of your business goals.
4. Begin Your Keyword Research
Ask yourself, what would someone search for if they were ready to help you accomplish your business goal buy a product, buy a service, donate money, learn more about your business?
General Keywords (hair salon)
Problem-Based Keywords (need a haircut)
Geo-modified Keywords (pittsburgh hair salon)
Available KW Research Tools
Googles Keyword Tool
SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool
5. Weeding out the Bad Keywords
Pull Traffic/Cost Estimates from Google
Google Traffic Estimator
6. Keyword Considerations
Google Traffic Estimator is best for directional information
Clicks will likely be over-estimated
Keywords below position 3 can still receive clicks you may want to bid lower than Googles lowest estimate
No Data doesnt necessarily mean No Traffic, it could mean No Competition
A simple search on a high traffic keyword can show you context
Example: Express (37 million) vs. Rue (8 million)
7. Create Your Ad Groups
Ad Groups

  • Consider messaging & root keywords