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#EcomSW Innovation & Insights to Paid Search October 20th 2016 #EcomSW Tom Sangers @thomassangers

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Innovation & Insights to Paid Search October 20th 2016

#EcomSWTom Sangers



A little about me... - Head of search at Evosite

- Google Certified Partner

- Digital marketing expert

#EcomSWA little about me

Worked Agency side for the last 10 years.. Delivering search campaigns for brands large and small.

Google Adwords certified

With this we also have Google with us today and they can be found next to the evosite side, if you have any questions about starting an account.

Insight | Innovation | Creative | Journey

So a let's begin my objectives

insightful.. My aim is for you to come away, going well that's a good idea?

innovative, i want to be doing that for my business

Creative bit harder, but hopefully i can influence you with what i am saying and it makes sense.

Journey, to take you through the journey of improving your account

So let's get going..

Digital landscape

let's take a look at the Digital Landscape

UK media advertising spend

The overall market is worth just over 20 billion with Digital 43 % of Spend

The value of digital Digital is over 3bn bigger then the next biggest medium

Digital is the biggest medium and 3b bigger the TV

The UK will this year become the first year country in the world where half of all advertising spend goes on digital media Source Internet Advertising Bureau

Search is worth 3.77 billion

What problem are we solving?

Marketers love Metrics, ----- KPI, CPA and we love acg

Individual to your business

but let's take a look at the main ones.

Delivering a greater return from Adwords

The aim is to deliver or improve our retun from adwords, so before we look at improving we must know how we measure.

Know your objectives and how you measure - 01 CPA (Cost per Acquisition) - 02 ROI (Return on Investment)- 03 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

#EcomSWIs your business

Enquiry lead or sales lead,

Do you have benchmarks breakeven and are they scalable?

Know your objectives and how you measure - 01 First Click - 02 Last Click- 03 Attribution Modelling


No reporting is perfect. But it's good to know the types In marketing, we will almost never have perfect 100% attribution (at least as of now). I would recommend that you review the difference between first click and last click and see the difference. You can then ensure that your KPI's align with the realities of your business.

A liitle more on Attribution Modelling

Last Click First Click Attribution

#EcomSWWhen we visualize that

I will talk about the three most popular, as we are a bit short on time

So let's make the last slide a bit more visual

Last Click: Takes all the Value, Google Analytics

First Click: Google Adwords

Attribution: Position Based and Time Decay are Attribution Methods Each Touch point get a % of Sale. Equal or Weighted.

The path to conversion Paid search first click 6,961Paid searchlast click 5,354

It's not linear and hard to measure people use different searches and different devices.

1607 Difference

Paid, Paid

Paid, Direct

Paid, Organic

People may come back to your site 2, 3 , 4 , 5 times by different channels

Quality Score is a way of lifeAd rank =

Max CPC x Quality Score

1 - 10

Just as your credit score can affect whether or not you qualify for a loan and how high your interest rate is, Google Quality Score affects how your PPC ads perform and how much you pay for each click.

It's a score between 1 - 10 on each keyword

Factors of Quality Score

#EcomSWI get asked all the time, whats a good CTR?

the truth is there is no exact answer?

it is market and keyword depended?

Google do say quote 1%

I like to aim for 3 - 5% as a average some accounts work on 20% CTR

CTR (click through rate)#1Factors of Quality Score

#EcomSWI get asked all the time, whats a good CTR?

the truth is there is no exact answer?

it is market and keyword depended?

Google do say quote 1%

I like to aim for 3 - 5% as a average some accounts work on 20% CTR

Keyword match types #2Factors of Quality Score

#EcomSWMatch types and your reach is a question you need to consider

How Broad is my search volume, if i increase the range will i decrease the conversion?

Match types

Broad Match: Devon Holiday Cottages Modified Broad: +Devon +holiday +cottages Phrase: Holiday cottages in Devon Exact: [Devon holiday cottages]

More Volume More Control

#EcomSWSo let's take a look using the example formal shoes

Exact, Nothing more nothing less. ...The Sniper Rifle approach

Phrase, great for capturing keyword strings .. how do i do that

Modified Broad greater market reach, but higher level of unwanted traffic coming through

Broad, lets just throw everything i have and hope something sticks,

Negative Keywords #3Factors of Quality Score Factors of Quality Score

#EcomSWThis leads me nicely onto Negatives and Erroneous Traffic

Normally i find a few types again and again,

i have broken this down to

Recruitment / Jobs


Non product related

Local, Not local to your business, I want a dry cleaner in Scotland and you are matched on Dry Cleaner but you are in bristol, you are not going to that business.

Look out for - 01 Recruitment / Jobs - 02 Weather / Maps - 03 Incorrect location searches i.e countries, counties, cities.- 04 Non related product or service searches

#EcomSWIf you have any further questions, i can be found on the Evosite stand next to Google

Keyword relevance#4Factors of Quality Score

#EcomSWWhen I talk about keyword relevance I talk about relationships

The relationship from your Ad to Keyword Ad to Ad group to Campaign.

You do not want 100s of keywords in 1 ad group, because how can 1 ad be relevant to 100 keywords, it simply can't work, and as relevance is an important factor of QS this will bring down your averages, increasing your CPC

What you need is a flow of ad to keyword to ad group, great theming and structure. This gives you control and the ability to make changes because i know what does what.

Text ad relevance#5Factors of Quality Score

#EcomSWSo remember that relationship

Does my ad match or contain my keyword,

Currency Exchanges example

So then we can look at Advanced Bidding strategies

Landing page quality#6Factors of Quality Score

#EcomSWOk so it's not just about my keywords

A great user experience and website is also an important factor, simply make sure it's relevant to the keyword and remember to deep link. Dont claim to be something you are not or forget to line up the price on your site with your ad.

See this time and time again, on my ad is says from 99p, but my landing page says 1.30 or takes me to the wrong page,

What is that user going to do, well Bounce

There are more presentation on this so want go into much more detail

Impression Share #7Factors of Quality Score

#EcomSWThis is a metric of your online Visibility

Something to Consider

Is it better to show 50% of the time on all my keywords or 100% on my best

I know which one i will chose.

Segments and Dimensions

Time and date#1

Segments and Dimensions


Time and Date

Do you know your best converting time,

When is your business open, if your main action is to generate a call

Can I apply a bid modifier during lunch

Travel insurance example

Search Networks #2Segments and Dimensions

#EcomSWThese are the likes of AOL and Ask

Normally lower CTR and CPC and conversions than Google, but will be individual to each campaign

Geographic Location#3Segments and Dimensions

#EcomSWThis comes back to knowing your audience

Most of my sales happen in the south west

I am local business targeting Devon, but the keyword i need are broad, but i need to show local ads.

I want to exclude my competitor from seeing i am branding bidding against them.

Mobile / Tablet#4Segments and Dimensions

#EcomSWWhich device converts best, they all work differently and together,

Normally you will see something like this, but it is business depended.

Tablet: CPA 91Mobile: CPA 75Desktop: CPA 34Conversions by device

PPC best practices Mobile bid adjustment Use of ad extensions Multiple test ads runningNetwork targetingLocation targeting Negative keywords

These will all help influence a better CTR, to drive QS to bring you more for less

Innovation in Paid Search

Customer Match

Remarketing for search

Bringing it all together If we can improve you QS by 1 point. Estimated saving


CPCThis will bring down your CPC x %ROI More for less

if i can improve my account relevance,

this will improve my CTR,

if i approve my CTR this will improve my QS

if i improve my QS i will lower my CPC or be able to show in a higher position.

Wow i am suddenly on the path to improving my ROI.

Final thoughts - 01 Know your objectives and how you measure - 02 know your website and your customers - 03 Have control of the where, what, why, who

#EcomSWIf you have any further questions, i can be found on the Evosite stand next to Google

Tom Sangers


[email protected] you for your time#EcomSW