Paid Search Full Court Press: Integrating Paid Search into Your Wider Marketing Program

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Transcript of Paid Search Full Court Press: Integrating Paid Search into Your Wider Marketing Program

PowerPoint Presentation

Paid Search Full Court PressMaking Search the MVP of Your Digital Marketing Mix

Twitter: @PASC


2About MePascal InderabudhiPaid Search Strategist at Anvil4+ years Paid Media experienceIndustry experience across hospitality, retail, B2B, e-comm, financial services, healthcare, more

Twitter: @PASC3

Twitter: @PASC1. A defensive tactic where a team covers opponents throughout the court and not just near their own basket

2. An instance of aggressive pressure4

Twitter: @PASC5

Twitter: @PASCMake Paid Search Work Harder6

Most Points All-timeMost Efficient All-time

Twitter: @PASCPaid Search Has Evolved7

Twitter: @PASC

Consumer Behavior Has Evolved8

Twitter: @PASC

Consumer Behavior Has Evolved9

Twitter: @PASC

Consumer Behavior Has Evolved10

Twitter: @PASC11

Twitter: @PASC12Paid Search MVPIntegrating data cross-channel to amplify your marketing programs

Twitter: @PASCMore FrequencyWider ReachBetter Quality13Paid Search MVP

Twitter: @PASC14Make Paid Search Work Harder

Data capabilities

Data applications


OfflineTV and RadioDirect ResponseCreative Messaging

Twitter: @PASC15

Twitter: @PASCAudience Is Everything16

Twitter: @PASCRemarketing17

Twitter: @PASCWatch the Game Film18

Twitter: @PASCEven Better Game Film19

Twitter: @PASCCustomer Match = Inside InfoUpload a list of email addresses, which can be matched to signed-in users on Google in a secure and privacy-safe way.

Limited to Search, Youtube, and Gmail

Essentially 1st-Party data integration into AdWords Search20

Twitter: @PASCProper Tracking Using UTMs21

Twitter: @PASCGA Audiences = Hypertargeting22

Twitter: @PASCPutting Audiences into Practice23

Twitter: @PASCOnline Applications24

Twitter: @PASCSearchRLSAsCustomer MatchAd CustomizersAdWords Scripts

Applications:Target specific audience with wider / top-funnel keywordsCustomize creative based on recency / sequencingCustomize creative based on external data


WeekImpr.ClicksCTRCPCCostConv.CPACVRWeek 2194,1024,0482.09%$0.86$3,467.6531$111.860.77%Week 1217,5943,7831.74%$0.91$3,456.7515$230.450.40%

Twitter: @PASCShoppingPotential Audiences:Returning VisitorsShopping Cart AbandonersPast BuyersPast 30-days Visitors

Applications:Upsell/re-sell to current customer baseCapture comparison shoppersSegment spend new versus returning


Twitter: @PASCVideoYoutube Remarketing ListsGA Remarketing Audiences

Applications:Increase top-of-funnel frequency (repeat views from the same audiences) and relevancy (target high brand affinity users) for delivery

Drive users who have viewed videos further down the funnel through Search and Display


Twitter: @PASCSocial / DisplayTarget specific social and display campaigns users on searchIncorporate social data layers into search remarketingRepeat messaging and branding cross-platform and device

Applications:Target widely on social incorporating data layers unavailable on search (occupation, interests, behaviors, demographics, etc.)Define this audience in Google Analytics based on Source / Medium / CampaignSequence messaging and landing pages down the funnel to increase relevancy to these audiences28

Twitter: @PASCEmailCustomer MatchRLSAsBid modifiers and adjustments


Amplify email blast offerings with bid mods /budget increase on featured products or services

Create audiences for engaged email readership versus low-engagement email opens to reach on Search and Display

Create audiences using Customer Match to refine targets on Search based on lists / automation sequences, etc.


WeekImpr.ClicksCTRCPCCostTran.ROASRev.Week 123,8439694.06%$0.40$388.53206.47$2,512.32Week 218,6849624.95%$0.40$392.29299.01$2,408.46

Twitter: @PASCOffline Applications30

Twitter: @PASCTV and RadioH/T to @Kayla_Kirsch

TV & Radio Log TimesAd schedulingDay PartingNon-brand bid adjustmentsSpecific keyword targets


Adjust specific search creative to launch based on log timesImplement day-parting bid modifiers based on log timesAmplify branded search coverage and target higher-funnel related non-brand termsRemarket based on specific URLs if used


WeekImpr.ClicksCTRCPCCostConv.CPACVRWeek 17,0283595.11%$9.61$3,449.9011$3133.06%Week 28,4633043.60%$11.75$3,572.9220$1786.60%

Twitter: @PASCDirect ResponseRLSAsNarrow geo/radius targetsCreative sequencing


Create audiences based on unique/vanity URLs from mailersNarrow in geo-targets based on mailers/zipcodesMirror / continue messaging from mailer to search for specific audiences32

Twitter: @PASCCreative MessagingAlign paid search messaging with ongoing marketing programs

Add campaign specific brand and non-brand keywords

Include searchable keywords into wider marketing campaigns

Sequence creative to continue storylines for branding campaigns33

Twitter: @PASCThank you!

Twitter: @PASC