iPad Home Screen Set-up

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Transcript of iPad Home Screen Set-up

  • 1. iPad Home Page Set-up

2. Step 1 From the Home Screen, Select the Camera app Take a Snapshot of your face 3. Step 2 Your picture should looksomething like this. 4. Step 3: Go Back to your Homescreen and select thePaper Desk Lite app 5. Step 4 When the app opens,click on the + sign inthe top right corner 6. Step 5 Select Create You can leave the titlealone 7. Step 6 Open your new paperdesk assignment bypressing on the text 8. Step 7 Press the Camerabutton on the top Select Photo Library Then SelectCamera Roll 9. Step 8 Center and stretch yourimage so it takes upmost of the top part ofthe page. Once you have yourimage where you wantit, select Insert Image 10. Step 9 Select the T button atthe top Press on the line next tothe picture and pressreturn until you get tothe bottom You should be one fullline below your picture 11. Step 10 Enter Your Name Your iPad Number (Onthe back of your iPad) Your Homeroomteacher 12. Step 11 Go back to your homescreen and selectSettings 13. Step 12 Select Brightness &Wallpaper on the lefthand side Then press the wallpaper pictures on theright 14. Step 13 When the pictureappears, selectSet Both You Have to keep this asyour lock screen and yourbackgroundthis is howwe can always tell whoseiPad it is. 15. Final Step Click on your homescreen to make sure youcan see your text at thebottom 16. Reminders No other student They dont leave theshould use your iPad school grounds.ever You are responsible for If you leave early, returnyour iPadthem to your NO PASSCODES ON THEhomeroom teacher oriPad leave them with Ms. They should not be inGodoy or Ms. Howardyour locker or go to the in the officebathroom with you Return them at the end of the day