Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories

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Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories What You Need To Know

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Transcript of Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories

What You Need To Know

Platform SimilaritiesContent is temporary, only lasts for 24 hoursCan browse other user created storiesPhoto editing tools e.g draw, text, emoticonsAdd content to story from camera rollReact to content through direct messaging But, there are 3 major differences...

DiscoveryInstagram Stories are available for anyone to see without the need to request access. In addition, not only can you see who viewed your story, but you can also click on their profile to discover their content.Snapchat Stories doesnt have an open search option, meaning you have to add accounts and have your request approved before you see a story.

2. Facefilters/GeostickersWhile both apps have drawing tools, currently only Snapchat Stories has dynamic face filters and geostickers.Instagram Stories might see the addition of face filters now that MSQRD, a face filter startup, has been acquired by Facebook.

3. Temp Permanent ContentInstagram Stories gives you the ability to not only post temporary, experimental content, but also lets you upload it permanently. If theres a type of content that performs well, you can publish the content to your regular Instagram profile, unlike Snapchat Stories where everything disappears.

Which Platform To Use?Choose the platform where your audience primarily is. Understand each platforms users & cultureInstagram = edited, curated, museum Snapchat = raw, casual, not-so-serious

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