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HR summit 2014 is an event organized by AIESEC in Ahmedabad with HR Milestone at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University on 12th April, 2014. The theme of the summit was 'Redefining employability- bridging the gap between Gen Y and HR executives' It saw participation of more than 300 student and 60 HR representatives of various national and multi-national companies. Speakers included: Mr. Bhupesh Chowdary, Vice-President Business Development, Adani Ports and SEZ Mr. Haresh Chaturvedi, Zonal HR Head, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd Mr. Shubhomoy Saha, Director, SOE and SME, Ethos HR Solutions Mr. Bhaktidev Gupta, CMD, Bhakti Consultancy Mr. Sanjay Dave, Co-Founder, H.R. Milestone Mr. Palak Sheh, Director, Planning and development, PDPU Mr. Sahil Nair, President, AIESEC Ahmedabad

Transcript of HR summit output for HR executives and students

Page 1: HR summit output for HR executives and students

HR Summit Output

Page 2: HR summit output for HR executives and students

Why 'Re-define Employability'?

India has the largest youngest population in the world. But it is also the most unemployable.

According to a survey conducted by FICCI-Ernst & Young Paper 80% of the Indian workforce does

not possess identifiable marketable skills. The survey found that only 25% of the Indian professionals

are considered “employable” by multinationals and the difficulty of employers in India to fill job

vacancies has increased to 67% in 2013 compared with 16% in 2012.

There are available jobs. There is available youth. Then where is the problem?

Process and Research

To understand the local reality, we conducted a survey across different cities of India to find out

what the youth wants from their employers and vice-versa.

Survey on youth (Multiple responses recorded per person):

95% chose ‘scope of growing in an organization.

89% chose to be faithful to a job and organization that gives them diverse and interesting

job roles.

76% of survey takers appreciated positive culture and energetic work environment.

42% showed interest in jobs where their employers trusted in them.

34% preferred a good Brand Name over other factors.

Only 21% survey takers are looking for good salary and compensation perks in a job

Survey on managers:

Only 17% satisfied with their company’s workforce

87% expect young recruits to be technologically sound, humble and honest to their jobs.

72% expect their employees to be problem solvers and have a willingness to learn.

HR Summit 2014 Speakers:

1. Mr. Bhupesh Chowdary, Vice-President Business Development, Adani Ports and SEZ

Contact: [email protected]

2. Mr. Haresh Chaturvedi, Zonal HR Head, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd

Contact: [email protected]

3. Mr. Shubhomoy Saha, Director, SOE and SME, Ethos HR Solutions

Contact: [email protected]

Page 3: HR summit output for HR executives and students

4. Mr. Bhaktidev Gupta, CMD, Bhakti Consultancy

Contact: [email protected]

5. Mr. Sahil Nair, President, AIESEC Ahmedabad

Key Note Speaker.

Contact: [email protected]

6. Sanjay Dave, Co-Founder, H.R. Milestone

Key Note Speaker.

Contact: [email protected]

How to Bridge the Gap? Summit Output:

For employers:

1. Define Job description for the employee.

2. All work and no play can make anyone feel crabby, but this generation in particular has no

desire to work 80+ hours a week and miss out on things like weekend getaways and music

festivals. Not only that, but too much work can be counterproductive.

3. Give various opportunities of diverse roles to the employee.

4. Offer challenging projects with learning components. And trust.

5. Coaching: Gen Y is raised with constant coaching and feedback and expect it to continue

in the workplace. Coaching will keep Millennial engaged in their work. Coaching does not

need to be time consuming or overly formal. Coaching can be as simple as a quick e-

mail response, a text or a two-minute conversation.

6. Measures: Gen Y is raised with a lot of structure and measuring systems and are

accustomed to understanding how they will be judged and assessed. They expect these

metrics to continue in the workplace, so employers should define clear and consistent job

assessment criteria.

7. Develop initiatives that foster mutual support and understanding among the generations.

Training on intergenerational dynamics will help build rapport and a stronger sense of

community. For Gen Y, offer soft-skills training like how to assimilate into a new workplace

culture, how to work with team members assertively and diplomatically, how to process

feedback, how to approach a supervisor for coaching and mentoring, and how to set long-

term career goals.

8. Offer collaborative discussions like roundtables that encourage innovative thinking across


9. Foster an appreciation of diversity within the organization. This will help all generations avoid

the stereotyping that gets in the way of valuing the skills sets of each employee.

10. Creating an organizational culture that is flexible and relaxed, has open communication,

encourages sharing and innovation and offers flexibility is a good step to keeping Millennial

engaged. Millennial want fun and a less formal atmosphere may help foster it. Open and

honest Communication is highly valued by Gen Y and they expect it from their leaders, so when

Page 4: HR summit output for HR executives and students

focusing on creating a comfortable culture, consider not just the formal surroundings but

also the nature and tone of organizational communication.

For Gen Y:

1. Learn new things

Learning new and diverse skills will enable you to adapt to competitive situations and

environments. Employers want to see you have a capacity to grow, but they're also looking

for well-rounded candidates who can get the job done.

2. Manage your expectations

The job may not meet your specific requirements or qualifications, but could allow you to

get a foot in the door and access new opportunities

3. Work on honing your skills like Verbal, Problem Solving, Behavioral, Teamwork, Language,

Subject knowledge, Business Intelligence, Adaptability, Integrity, Reasoning, Initiative, and


4. Education alone is not going to guarantee you a placement.

Become technologically savvy and acquire generic IT skills such as typing skills, online

research skills, familiarity with operating systems and Microsoft Office. Play around with

different features in presentation software, excel spreadsheets and word documents

available on most computers today.

5. Don't let unemployment win.

Do part-time work, apply for internships or engage in volunteer work to gain experience.

Employers want to see what you’ve done to get yourself ‘job-ready’. Being productive helps

to develop a positive work ethic and show employers that you’re able to take initiative.

6. Work as an Intrapreneur of your job. Be passionate about your work.

Page 5: HR summit output for HR executives and students

What is AIESEC?

What is AIESEC?

AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students and recent

graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and

management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed,

and religion, national, ethnic or social origin.

AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. AIESEC

has been facilitating youth leadership activities as well as international internships & volunteer experiences

for over 65 years, developing a global learning environment across 124 countries & territories. With over

100,000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest youth run organization.

Our Mission:

AIESEC develops responsible, global leaders.

Our Vision: Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential.

Our Impact:

Our International Platform enables young people to explore and develop their Leadership Potential for them to have a Positive Impact on Society.

How we do it:

AIESEC Provides its members with an Integrated Development Experience compromised of Leadership Opportunities, International Internships and participation in Global Learning Environment.

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