Creating Effective Visual Aids (AVs)

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Creating Effective Visual Aids (AVs)

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Creating Effective Visual Aids (AVs). OUTLINE. The rationale behind using AVs Tips for preparing effective AVs Preparing effective PowerPoint slides Sample AVs. Visual Aids Should…. Supplement presentation Outline the main points Serve audience’s needs, not speaker’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Creating Effective Visual Aids (AVs)

  • Creating Effective Visual Aids (AVs)

  • OUTLINEThe rationale behind using AVsTips for preparing effective AVsPreparing effective PowerPoint slidesSample AVs

  • Visual Aids ShouldSupplement presentationOutline the main pointsServe audiences needs, not speakersBe simple and clear


  • The Purpose of Using Visual Aids... AVs

    support your ideas

    improve audience comprehension

    add variety to presentation (a break from listening)

  • The Purpose of Using Visual Aids cont.

    enliven a difficult / boring subject

    help illustrate complex ideas/concepts

    help the presenter to stick to the plan

  • Visual Aids - ExamplesPowerPoint SlidesOverhead TransparenciesGraphs/ChartsPicturesFilms/VideoFlip ChartsSketches

  • Tips on Preparing Visual Aids

  • TIPS...Start with an outline of the goal

    Keep visual aids BRIEF

    Do not read AV directly (what you say vs. AV)

    Ask audience to read or listen, not both

  • TIPS... (cont.)Account for production time (both in planning and selection)

    Check relevance to topic

    Use charts and graphs

    Make sure graphics are not too crowded

  • TIPS...(cont.)Don't let handouts become a distraction

    Practice with AV

    Seek feedback on the clarity of your AV

    Check grammar and spelling

  • Making PowerPoint SlidesAvoiding the Pitfalls of Bad Slides


    Professional image

    Minimal expense

    Compact and portable


    Easy to email sort and practice edit insert graphicsshare

  • ADVANTAGES OF POWERPOINT SLIDES (cont.)Can beprintedcopied provided as handout material

    Many options:animationvideo clipssound

  • DISADVANTAGES OF POWERPOINT SLIDESEquipment not always available Technology being the focus - not content or presenter Noisy projector distracting

    Need of a darkened room

  • Tips to be CoveredOutlinesSlide StructureFontsColorBackgroundSpelling and GrammarConclusionsQuestions

  • Outline1st or 2nd slide ---- outline

    Only main points on the outline slideEx: Use the titles of each slide as main points

  • Slide Structure 1-2 slides per minute

    Point / bullet form (no complete sent.)

    4-5 points per slide

    Key words and phrases only

  • Slide Structure - BadThis page contains too many words for a presentation slide. It is not written in point form, making it difficult both for your audience to read and for you to present each point. Although there are exactly the same number of points on this slide as the previous slide, it looks much more complicated. In short, your audience will spend too much time trying to read this paragraph instead of listening to you.

  • Slide Structure GoodShowing one point at a time will:help audience concentrate on what you are saying

    prevent audience from reading ahead

    help you keep your presentation focused

  • Slide Structure - AnimationDo not use distracting animation

    Do not go overboard with the animation

    Be consistent with the animation that you use

  • Fonts - GoodUse at least an 18-point fontUse different size fonts for main points and secondary pointsthis font: 28-pointmain point font: 30-pointtitle font: 42-pointUse a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial

  • Fonts - BadIf you use a small font, your audience wont be able to read what you have written


    Dont use a complicated font

  • Color - GoodUse a color of font that contrasts sharply with the backgroundEx: blue font on white backgroundUse color to reinforce the logic of your structureEx: light blue title and dark blue textUse color to emphasize a pointBut use this only occasionally

  • Color - BadUsing a font color that does not contrast with the background color is hard to read Using color for decoration is distracting and annoying.Using a different color for each point is unnecessaryUsing a different color for secondary points is also unnecessaryTrying to be creative can also be bad

  • Background - GoodUse backgrounds such as this one (attractive but simple)

    Use backgrounds which are light

    Use the same background consistently

  • Background BadAvoid backgrounds that are distracting or difficult to read fromAlways be consistent with the background that you use

  • Graphs Use graphs rather than just charts and words

    Data - easier to comprehend & retain

    Trends - easier to visualize

  • Spelling and GrammarProofread your slides for:speling mistakesthe use of of repeated wordsgrammatical errors you might have make

    Have someone else check your presentation!

  • ConclusionUse an effective and strong closingAudience is likely to remember your last words

    Use a conclusion slide to:Summarize the main points Suggest future avenues of research

  • Questions??End with a simple question slide to:Invite your audience to ask questionsProvide a visual aid during question periodAvoid ending a presentation abruptly


  • Zamannz iyi kullannSesinizin vurgularnda ve tonlamada nem ve tekrarlama iin ierie uygun deiiklikler yapn

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    Her blmn balnn yeterince aklayc olmaldrDinleyicileriniz ile gz temas iinde bulunun ve beden dilinize dikkat edin.

    Sunumunuzun ana hatlarn retim yesi/ uzman kiiye sunum ncesi verinAdnz, soyadnz ve konumunuzu vererek kendinizi tantnKonumanz en az kez prova edinKonumanz dzenli ve tutarl bir ekilde dzenleyinWHAT TO DO IN PRESENTATIONS

  • Gsterilen PP slayt'ta yazl olan metindeki cmlelerin tpa tp aynsn konumanzda kullanmaynSunum boyunca kartlar zerindeki notlarnzdan okumaynok hzl, ok yava, ya da okuma biiminde monoton bir ekilde konumayn.

    Dinleyicilere srtnz dnmeyinGrsel malzemeyle ilgili olmayan bir konudan bahsetmeyinGrsel malzemeyi ok fazla yazl metinle, resimlerle veya ok farkl renklerle doldurmaynKolay okunmayan grsel malzeme kullanmaynTHINGS TO AVOID IN PRESENTATIONS

  • Grsel-itsel Aralarn zleyici nnde KullanmGrsel malzemelerinizi gvenli bir ekilde kullanarak, dinleyicilerinize tablolarda, slaytlarda veya saydamlardaki bilgileri kavramalar iin zaman tanyn. Sunumunuzda gerekli olduunu dnerek iitsel malzeme ya da video kasetlerden yararlandnzda, kullanm srasnda zaman kaybetmemeye dikkat edin.

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