Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

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Transcript of Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

  • 1.

2. Comparative Adjectives :

    • Short Adj. (1 2 syllables): Adjective + -er short ------shorter
  • big --------bigger
  • easy--------easier
    • Long Adj. (+ 2 syllables): more + adjective beautiful---------more beautiful
  • expensive -------more expensive
  • intelligent ------more intelligent

2 nd. Term of the comparison : Comparative adjective + than + Object: She is more intelligent than Jos English is easier than Maths 3. Superlative Adjectives :

    • Short Adj. (1 2 syllables): the + Adjective+ est short ------the shortest
  • big --------the biggest
  • easy--------the easiest
    • Long Adj. (+ 2 syllables): the most + adjective
  • beautiful---------the most beautiful
  • expensive -------the most expensive
  • intelligent ------the most intelligent

Comparison in a group : Superlative adjective + in: She is the most intelligent girl in the class The Nile is the longest river in the world 4. Comparative Adjectives : Obelix isFATTER THANAsterix Lisa isMORE INTELLIGENT THANBart 5. Comparative Adjectives : A Ferrari isMORE EXPENSIVE THANa Seat 600 6. THE BIGGEST dog inthe world Superlative Adjectives : 7. Superlative Adjectives : THETALLESTman INtheworld THESHORTESTman INtheworld 8. THE MOST EXPENSIVE mobile phone IN the world Superlative Adjectives : 9. Comparative Adjectives : MAKE YOUR OWN COMPARISONS WITH : Beauty, thin, hair (long, straight, curly), earrings, dress (short, confortable, beautiful).Victoria Beckham Beyonc Beyonc is more beautiful than Victoria Victorias hair is longer than Beyoncs Beyoncs earrings are bigger than Victorias 10. Superlative Adjectives : MAKE YOUR OWN SUPERLATIVES WITH : High, Long, Intelligent Mount Everest The Tajo River Lisa Simpson Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world The Tajo is the longest river is Spain Lisa Simpson is the most intelligent girl in the class 11.