Comparative and superlative of adjectives

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Mrs. FB Kh The Comparative And Superlative Of Adjectives

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Transcript of Comparative and superlative of adjectives

  • 1. Mrs. FB Kh The Comparative And Superlative Of Adjectives
  • 2. What is an adjective
  • 3. There are two types of adjectives Regular adjectives Irregular adjectives
  • 4. Regular adjectives are divided into two groups Short adjectives Contain One syllable Long adjectives Contain two or more syllables
  • 5. What is a syllable A syllable is the sound of a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) that is created when pronouncing a word. The number of times that you hear the sound of a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) is equal to the number of syllables the word has.
  • 6. big fast One syllable One syllable One vowel sound /i/ One vowel sound // modern // / / Two syllables happy // /i/ Two syllables important horrible // / / // / / / / /i/ Three syllables Three
  • 7. Making Comparisonsof There are two forms comparisons The comparative The superlative
  • 8. There are three forms of the comparative The The The comparativ comparativ comparative of e of e of superiority inferiority equality Less.. than as as than more than
  • 9. The Comparative of Superiority Is used to compare between two items: people, animals, places or objects to say that one item has a LARGER amount of quality than the other
  • 10. The Comparativ e of Short Adjectives
  • 11. For 1-syllable adjectives, JUST add er to the Joe Tom end. oe is a smart J boy. BUT Tom is smarter than Joe.
  • 12. Adjective Comparative Clean Cleaner New Newer Cheap Cheaper Tall Taller
  • 13. If the 1-syllable adjective ends with the letter e, JUST add r to the end. Examples: nice------ nicer / wise----wiser Algeria is larger than Egypt.
  • 14. If the 1-syllable adjective has a C-V-C pattern, consonant vowel consonant Double the consonant and add er. July is hotter than June.
  • 15. For adjectives with two syllables, ending in y, DROP the y and add ier. pretty--Who is prettier prettier Aishwaria Rai or Katrina
  • 16. Adjective Comparative Happy Happier Funny Funnier Dirty Dirtier Healthy Healthier
  • 17. The Comparative of Long Adjectives
  • 18. For adjectives that are 2 or more syllables, use more + the adjective to make the comparative form. Example: Adjective--comfortable How many syllables m (p)f(rtk that it contain? 1 b2 l 3 4 Travelling by plane is more comfortable than travelling by
  • 19. Adjective Comparative Valauble more valuable Beautiful more beautiful Expensive more expensive Active more active Famous more famous
  • 20. The Comparative of Irregular Adjectives
  • 21. Irregular Comparatives Good is an irregular adjective. In the comparative form, it changes into BETTER Sarahs grades are better than Marks
  • 22. Adjectives Comparatives Good Bad Far Old Much Better Worse Farther / further Older/ elder More ( uncountable nouns) Many More (countable nouns)
  • 23. The Superlative of Adjectives
  • 24. The superlative is used to compare one item to more than two items: (people, animals, places or objects) to say that one item has the largest amount of quality than all the other items.
  • 25. The Superlative of Short Adjectives
  • 26. For a one-syllable word, add the suffix est to the word Long-the longest / Sweet- the sweetest Cool- the coolest / Rich- the richest Smart- the smartest Often times it is necessary to double the final consonant. Big the biggest Hot- the hottest Fat- the fattest
  • 27. If the one syllable word ends with an e you only need to add an Fine- the finest Nice- the nicest Simple- the simplest st . If a two-syllable word ends with a y then change the y into i and add -est. Funny- the funniest Happy-the happiest
  • 28. The Superlative of Long Adjectives
  • 29. Words that contain two or three syllables are preceded by the word most Beautiful- the most beautiful Famous- the most famous Dangerous- the most dangerous The peacock is the most beautiful bird in the world.
  • 30. The Superlative of Irregular Adjectives
  • 31. Messi is Ronaldo is better better than them than all. Ribery. He is the best. Ribery is a good footballer.
  • 32. There are some adjectives that have irregular forms meaning that the superlative cant be formed by adding the suffix -est or by using the word most . Good----------- the best Bad----------------the worst Far-----the farthest / the furthest Old-----the oldest / the eldest