Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

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Comparative and Superlative Adjectives With Great Appreciation to my Grammar Three Students

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Comparative and Superlative Adjectives. With Great Appreciation to my Grammar Three Students. Basic Adjectives. The most common adjectives in English. When we practice spelling the words correctly, our language improves (pronunciation and remembering the meanings). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

Comparative and Superlative AdjectivesWith Great Appreciation to my Grammar Three Students

Basic AdjectivesThe most common adjectives in English.When we practice spelling the words correctly, our language improves (pronunciation and remembering the meanings).Listen and write. There will be about 30 words. If you have a pen and paper we can get started.Need more time? Click the or To start and stop

How did you do?Correct Spellinggoodbadfarimportantbeautifulnewhigholdgreatbigsmalllargeyounglonglittleintelligentlowearlylatedifficulteasyshortfinepoorrichhotcoldsimplecomplexnice

Using an Adjective in a SentenceTo describe a nounExample: Benji likes to sit on the black chair.As an object in a sentenceRashid is very young. We might think of this as the base form of the adjective.To compare things and groups of things.Comparative:Bahrain is smaller than Qatar.Superlative:Nasser is the smartest student in the class.

Adjective generally appear before a NounAdjectives make your writing more interesting! Adjectives help the nouns come to life.Adjective to Compare Nouns of the Same Kind or TypeIt is common to see these comparatives ending in er.Example: Ali is taller than his brother.Longer (more syllables in the adjective) have more coming before the nounExample: Ahmed is more intelligent than his sister.

Remember the List of Adjectives?Here is how they look and sound in the comparative form.

good-betterbad- worseImportant-more importantBeautiful-more beautifulNew-newerHigh-higherOld-olderGreat-greaterBig-biggerSmall-smallerLarge-largerYoung-youngerLong-longerLittle-littlerIntelligent-more intelligentLow-lowerEarly-earlierLate-laterDifficult-more difficultEasy easierShort,-shorterFine-finerPoor-poorerRich-richerHot-hotterCold-colderSimple simplerComplex-more complexNice-nicer

Comparing Time ZonesDoha, Qatar time is one hour earlier than Abu Dhabi, United Emirates Arabia.Critical Parts of a Comparative Sentence!Dont forget the verb (frequently is or are)You must have than before the second noun in the sentence.Rashid is younger than Mohammad Abdulla.

Gold is more precious than silver.Diamonds are more valuable than rubies.Superlatives!The BEST use of an adjective in grammar.Sample sentence:Water is the most important resource in the world.

Note: We still must have a verb and (this must be included) in the.

Get that pencil and work on these Superlative adjectives, listen carefully. Stop the recording if you need more time.

Another way of comparingSalim is as tall as Ahmed.What are all the moving parts?Salim and Ahmed, proper nounsSalim is the subject, Ahmed is being comparedVerb: isYour Turn! Write your own sentence using:Mohsin /car/ is / fast / Hamad / car.Mohsin and Hamad will be adjectives (telling us whose car it is) so add s

and the sentence I was looking for:Mohsins car is as fast as Ahmeds car.

While this may upset Mohsin, notice where we can put the not for a negative statement:

Mohsins car is not as fast as Ahmeds car.

Well Done! You are among the best students in the world when you work and study harder than anyone else in the world!

Find the:Comparative adjectiveSuperlative adjectivethe verbsThe phrases that HAVE to appear with comparatives and superlatives