Comparative & Superlative adjectives

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Comparati ve & Superlati ve adjective s

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Comparative & Superlative adjectives. ADJECTIVES. Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in the sentence. COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES. When comparing 2 things . One syllable adjectives : add – er Cold  colder High  higher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Comparative & Superlative adjectives

Comparative & Superlative adjectives

ADJECTIVESAdjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in the sentence.

COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVESWhen comparing 2 things.

One syllable adjectives: add er Cold colder High higher

One syllable adjectives ending in one vowel + consonant: double the consonant and add er Big bigger Hot hotter


Southern states are colder than northern states.

Adjectives endind in y: change y to -ier.Dry drierEasy easier

Two or more syllable adjectives: add MORE before the adjectiveDifficult more difficultBeautiful more beautiful

IrregularGood betterBad worseWhen comparing thingsComparative adjectivesComparing 2 thingsSuperlative AdjectivesComparing 3 or more thingsRULES

COMPARATIVE ADJ.SUPERLATIVE ADJ.ONE SYLLABLE Add ersmall smallerTall old Add estSmall smallestTall old ONE SYLLABLEending in EAdd rLarge largerWise

Add stlarge largestWise ONE SYLLABLEEnding with a single consonant with a vowel before itdouble the consonant and add erBig biggerThin Fat double the consonant and add estBig biggestThin Fat COMPARATIVE ADJ.SUPERLATIVE ADJ.TWO SYLLABLE Ending in yChange y to ierHappy happierAngry Busy Change y to iestHappy happiestAngry Busy

TWO SYLLABLE ending in er, -le, or owTake the er form of the adjectiveNarrow narrowerGentle Take the est form of the adjectiveNarrow narrowestGentle MOST TWO, THREE OR MORE SYLLABLE ADJECTIVESAdd MORE before the adjectivePleasant more pleasantCareful Thoughtful Beautiful Important Add MOST before the adjectivePleasant most pleasantCareful ThoughtfulBeautiful Important IRREGULAR ADJECTIVESIrregular AdjectiveComparative FormSuperlative Formgoodbetterbestbadworseworstfarfartherfarthestlittlelessleastmanymoremost

Two-Syllable AdjectiveComparative FormSuperlative Formclevercleverercleverestclevermore clevermost clevergentlegentlergentlestgentlemore gentlemost gentlefriendlyfriendlierfriendliestfriendlymore friendlymost friendlyquietquieterquietestquietmore quietmost quietsimplesimplersimplestsimplemore simplemost simpleTwo-syllable adjectives that follow two rules. These adjectives can be used with -er and -est and with more and most.How to use them in a sentence..COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES

Comparative adjective + than Andrew is smaller than Tom.


The + superlative adjective He is the smallest kid in the class.

Lets work on it..My house is_______________ (big)than yours.This flower is_______________ (beautiful)than that one.This is the_______________ (interesting)book I have ever read.Non-smokers usually live_______________ (long)than smokers.Which is the _______________ (dangerous)animal in the world?A holiday by the sea is_______________ (good)than a holiday in the mountains.It is strange but often a coke is _______________ (expensive)than a beer.Who is the_______________ (rich)woman on earth?The weather this summer is even _______________ (bad)than last summer.He was the _______________ (clever)thief of all.Correct the mistakes. Thomas is the oldest of her brothers and sisters.John is the taller in the class.Charles knows the funniest jokes in the class.Gunther has the more interesting job in the class.Victoria is from the most beautiful city in the class.Jordan is healthyer than Bradley.Bradley is older than Jordan.Jordan is younger than Bradley.Bradley is more shorter than Jordan.Jordan is fitter than Bradley.Bradley is a badder basketball player than Jordan.Jordan is more young than Bradley.

You are planning a summer trip with your friends. Everyone has different ideas and you must make a decision. There are three options:Taking a tour to L.A and DisneylandCamping BeachUse comparative and superlative adjectives in your decision making and make a final conclusion. Use comparative and superlative adjectives.