Silent hill

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Transcript of Silent hill

  • 1. Silent Hill
    By Hannah George

2. This shows an idyllic family image that the audience knows will not last, this then makes the audience realise that these two are the main characters in this film, and would make the audience feel sympathy for these two.
3. This scene shows the isolation that this film will bring to the characters; as this is one of the main themes of the film is that they are alone with no external help, it could also be seen as lonely as they are the only people on the road.
4. This scene shows the point in which this peaceful story seems to change and adopt its thriller title, it also adds some suspense to the film and a bit of action
5. This scene links back to my point about isolation and the lonely road as this road will not see anybody else on it and she is stranded all alone with no help in site
6. This scene shows the audience both the place were the action is set and also the inspiration for the title of the film
7. This scene links back to the family image that was portrayed earlier and makes the audience once again sympathetic to the family.
8. This scene is very stereotypical of a thriller film with the dark lighting and colours against the white skin of the child adds a sinister feel to this part of the trailer, also it would make the audience think as this child looks like the daughter of the family previously seen
9. This scene shows some action that takes place within the film, its foggy which makes the graveyard seem even more spooky and is the sort of place that you would not like to be in, and also makes the audience think that something big must happen here as the people are seen to be running towards the church
10. This scene shows some last minute action before the trailer ends to add some of the shock factor, to try and get the audience to remember the film, so that they will go and see it, with the lighting it seems to mask how many creatures there are and that they sort of blend in to the background seems to be more scary, as the only light seems to be from the torch.